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Makcik makcik

amidst all these wedding planning and researching, ada je yang tak kene eh. i dun like seh klau my mama or myself even when we share2 our choice vendors with others, mesti ada je dorang nak comment. for example, after we secured our dj/entertainment last few weeks, my mama being my mama excitedly told her colleagues that my choice dj is AB S.haik, some went “apasal shahirah amik ab s.haik?!” or “nanti dia banyak cakap la” or “asal tak amik *insert other djs names*?” and so on. alaa you get the idea la when makcik2 bergossip tak tentu arah that kind.

my point is, i punya suka la i nak choose who as my wedding vendors. apasal org kene comment2 ni? just listen sudahlah, tumpang my mama’s nye bahagia ke, she dalah share her happiness with you all then korg burst her bubble kan mcm seeyak and please keep unwanted opinions to yourselves we dun need to listen to all that.

macam nak bilang makcik2 tu semua klau suka sgt *insert other djs name* pegilah book dorg for their child’s weddings. or even better, be all Angry Birds on each and everyone of them.


put all of them in a pit and bomb them all at once eh! ;(



14 thoughts on “Makcik makcik

  1. LOL! Everyone’s gonna say something they think is nicer/better/prettier. To each his own la, makciks. Babe, ear in ear out sudah. I’ve come to master that. Hehe.

      1. hahahaha! Aiya makcik quarters have to live up to their name what. Biar la apa orang nak cakap. In the end you are the one forking out the money so please yourself and your family sudah 🙂

  2. hi hi i feel you, babe!
    i suppose this is part of what pengantins-to-be have to face. ada ajer yang tak kena pada orang lain. and sometimes its hard to pekakkan telinga.
    i agree with dawnonthedeck – tryyyy as much as you can to buat bodoh je. its to our best (budget), not theirs. as long as you’re satisfied with your selection 😉

  3. hehehe. iyerrrrkan sajer. banyak sangat comment, when the time comes pon, they will still go to your wedding. so shushhhh.

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