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Neverending …

my first choice gubahan vendor JUST replied me after 1 month (1 bloody month dok, 1 bloody month of pretending my planning is smooth sailing but actually rasa mcm nak dekat titanic. hahahah! relac uh, baru gubahan seh *talking to myself*) good thing rite since i have been whining for quite awhile now but no. no because i’ve already booked and made payment to another gubahan vendor. but ok la, second choice gubahan vendor also not bad.

why you all like this one ah?

IF the first vendor had replied me sooner, i could have save $5 per dulang seh. now must pay $5 extra. bukan say mengira but every dollar and cents counts in this race we call the wedding.

as a BTB or GTB, you want to get the best price to save as much as you can. correct?

truth be told, i actually like my second vendor’s gubahans more than my first’s. i shortlisted the first one just becos they’re the cheapest among the rest (i think?) and oso simple. nice to see kind la like that. the second one was my gf’s wedding gubahan vendor and i liked wat i saw and Yan also felt the same. so made the necessary transactions and booking was made. paid $100 for 2 bookings, i thought by sharing the same vendor boleh kurangkan pening but lo and behold … LOL!

anyways, it add on more headache pulak. after booking and emailing the vendor, i waited for 2weeks seh with no reply or acknowledgement from them. like any other sane human being, u sure will feel panic or worried rite cos u already made the money transfer. if $5 or $10, its ok. i transferred $100 la! tried to keep my cool, muka relac aje when Yan nak edit our vendors page under gubahan, i told him dun first cos they haven reply and maybe they busy but dalam hati tgh menyirap sorang2. LOL! why must we girls go thru all these!

monday evening i decided, aaah just call la. ur money ur wedding ma. so i did and the vendor was so sorry becos as June is a hot month for them and there are many orders, she seek my understanding that they are very busy and they will get back as soon as possible.

why didnt i call earlier to save me from all these headaches pun i tak tahu. im not one to chase ppl kind la.

so, will update my vendors page once i get the acknowledgement from them. agak2 lagi 1 more month gitu eh?


4 thoughts on “Neverending …

    1. yes correct! i waited until monday to call cos confirm towards the weekend they busy. so i called, dial tone pulak mcm lama sangat (da panic lagi ingat dorg tanak jawab ke) and she said sorry bla bla will acknowledge soon.

      sidenote: belum dpt acknowledgement lagui niiiiiiiiiiiii…

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