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Strictly For Oreo Lovers!

Here is an alternative wedding cake idea! if you are an Oreo cookies addict that is.


Source: Something Old, Something New Weddings




Source: Leah Naomi Design & Photography


Source: The Every Last Detail

interesting and imaginative rite? nak DIY pun senang, cut cost lagi, boleh save up for more important stuff (for BTBs who think that a wedding cake is just a cake. not being a party pooper but to me, a cake is just a cake. it wont make or break a wedding, imo) anyways, like i said, an easy DIY where you can just buy packets or boxes of oreos and stack them up to look like a tiered cake, like those in the pictures above, put a decorative topper on top and voila! you have just made yourself an Oreo Wedding Cake! 🙂 with not much cost as well AND dun even have to engage a cake vendor. imagine the money that you can and will save. and theres no need for cake cutting session, just pluck one cookie off (da mcm main Jenga eh?) and feed each other BUT be prepared for oreo teeth LOL! bits of oreo stuck in between ur teeth, nampak nye kene senyum macam =| aje la hahahahaha!

11 thoughts on “Strictly For Oreo Lovers!

    1. Eh ya ah u have a point. Hmmm ni la mat salleh nye ideas. Dorg mane cut cake petang2. Klau nak assemble sebelum march in, imagine sape2 yg kene tasked to do it. Confirm kelam kabut LOL!!!

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