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Brought Forward

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eh eh wat is dis? not funny k uncle k.haw.

how to collect keys that early when my proposed nikah date will only be in October that year.

30 thoughts on “Brought Forward

  1. i think you can bring your ROMM application at the time u collect your kunci, and they will give a grace of 6months from the completion date for you to get married! i remember this because my girlfriend also went through something like this, you can check it out with uncle khaw! HAAHAHHA!

    1. suka eh part uncle k.haw LOL!

      anyways, me and my fiance were granted the AHG so according to the webbie, “you must submit a copy of your marriage certificate to the HDB on or before the date you take possession of the flat as the Housing Grant is meant for married couples.”

      1. call and checkitout with HDB first babeeee 🙂 takmoh get worried over nothing ahh, adding on to panic! hehe.

      2. oh and i just realized its completion date! you should wait for the delivery possession date lah dear then you know if you have to panic or not!

      3. hahahahah u getting married 2014 kan? tak payah panic lahhh! u panic kalau ur fiance sound tinggal rumah mak mentua aje okay! LOLZ!

      4. LOL LOL!! Dia yg patut panic kalau my mum suruh dia tinggal ngn kita. Ya Oct 2014 insyaAllah but our application for AHG success tau, and we da pakai pun to pay the first round payment. tu pasal tgh panic. so kene “submit a copy of your marriage certificate to the HDB on or before the date you take possession of the flat as the Housing Grant is meant for married couples”?

        i still very confused cos he wants to nikah first, langsung nanti.

      5. OHHHHHHH i think the AHG is dependent on your income also right? so as long as your incomes dont exceed the ceiling when it comes to key collection, then u shldnt be worried.

        part yang marriage certificate tu moot point beb, EDPD is usually 1 year after completion (because they do in phases) so i think insyaallah you’ll be able to produce by then. 🙂

      6. i hope my fiance reads all these comments and dun make decisions hastily. i want to stick to my planned dates if possible!!

        thank you kak ruzannaa! 😛

    1. the thing is my fiance want to nikah first. argh! da sui2 plan nikah then langsung like the normal saturday and sunday events skali ni mcm plak. the tot of booking extra for catering and bridal (if lets say my parents wanna jemput ppl) turns me off la.

    1. we shall see then. the thing is we applied and got the AHG and according to the webbie, “you must submit a copy of your marriage certificate to the HDB on or before the date you take possession of the flat as the Housing Grant is meant for married couples.” sighh…

  2. Should be able to get the extension grace… Probably just argue back that u plan ur wedding date sui sui so that just nice can get ur key… When they push forward its their fault rite….. If u got the screen shot of the previous date lagi bagus… Concrete evidence for ur concrete house… Hehhe

    1. i klau boleh wanna stick to my planned dates but my fiance wants to nikah early if possible. more work seh to be done -________- we shall see how la later on.

      1. OMG!!! WE are gonna be living in the same hood yo!! HAHAHAHA! from next door neighbours at work and now, block neighbours maybe? HAHAH! So exciting or what! Lol. Which block will you guys be at babe???!

      2. hahahaha. happy sebab macam ade members gitu ah. lol! my mr also found out that his kindergarten friend will be our block neighbour ok! haha. small world indeed. mine is 523C! hehehe. pasar eh! okay set! boleh tukar2 lauk tak eh? lol!

      3. Lagi senang kan klau ade members, tak awkward sgt kene kenal2 ngn new neighbours la apa la. Hahahah! And and and boleh exchange nasi lemak!!! ;D

      4. yah! at least kalau our hubbies work late ke, we can calling2 each other to go jalan2. haha! omg nasi lemak! yes yes can! hehehehe. eh excitingnyer!!! i think there’s this other btb who also got a unit at greenleaf tau! meriah. lol.

      5. LOL! LOL! da planning2 seh nak buat ape klau boring2 kat rumah hahahaha!! i oso noe one BTB who is a Greenleaf-er, dunno whether its the same person or not 🙂 yes, so exciting to noe ade BTBs-turned-New-Friends! 😀

      6. yeah! i think it’s the one yang her blog is Groom the Bride kan? err lupa pulak her link. :p and yes, best lah cos we can then see familiar faces around the neighbourhood. then our hubbies can play soccer ke together! hehehehe. 🙂

  3. I’m at Tampines Greenleaf also! But I applied BTO. Did you apply the recent SBF in May? So fast the results da out? Anyway I think as long as less than 6 months after second quarter should be okay la. 🙂

    1. no, mine was the SBF last yr. this TG pun is the first ever BTO me n my fiance applied for but tak dpt and after the 3rd try, we applied for this again when it came out and Alhamdulillah dpt 😀

      i hope so. i wanna stick with our planned dates if possible la klau tak leceh u noe.

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