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Obsession: Angry Birds

i think my obsession with Angry Birds mcm da ter-overboard until 2 of my BTB friends suggested (both directly and indirectly) an Angry Birds themed wedding (sorry Kahwin Khronicles and The Pening Pengantin for flooding your newsfeed and IG with Angry Birds and Green Piggies LOL!)

New Picture


hmmm, let’s see now… But kan, confirm without a shadow of a doubt, Yan will reject the idea.


12 thoughts on “Obsession: Angry Birds

  1. If u cant get a angry bird wedding theme… Dulang hantaran with angry bird pun jadi la… Lol!!! Angry bird bouquet not bad eh… Kalau htb salah lafaz akad nikah campak aje bouquet tu! Hahah jgn salah campak… Nanti tok kadi jadi angry bird pulak!! Lol

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! OMG U SO FUNNY!!! good idea eh the bouquet, all birds ade, mati la my HTB kene bomb HAHAHAHAHA!! tok kadi jadi the red colour the big brother bird (if you are familiar) klau HTB salah lafaz (INSYA ALLAH TAK PLEASE!) hahahahaha!!!

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