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Hello peeps.

Hmm… macam da lama tak update eh. Takde ilham la brooo~. Actually malas pun ada HAHA! Tak mcm dulu ma masih muda everyday got time can blog and cakap pasal anything and everything under the sun and moon.

Haven’t been actively sourcing and googling at the moment, mcm the (planning) flame da burn out. Mcm takde mood la you know.

Anyways, last weekend, impromptu meetup with his cousin and fiancée after our respective dates. You noe la guys “dok kau kat mane?” and suddenly an impromptu meet up. Tak macam us girls; must take weeks just to plan a simple dinner get-together LOL! His cousin and fiancée (actually I dunno da fiancé and fiancée ke belum) are also planning for a 2014 wedding which came as a shocker to me cos all the while they are very tight lipped about it and i know for his side, there will only be one wedding next year, his (to me la obviously) and now got 2 weddings at his side for next year! But to me, okayla since they are high school sweethearts, it’s about time they settle.

Nowadays, most couples would probably want a simple nikah and reception and that’s that. There are others who want a full blown wedding, all out punya. I’m somewhere in between. Nak simple nikah because we can use the money for other things like honeymoon and our upcoming home. Nak all out because, I’m a girl/woman/lady whichever la HAHA and every girl/woman/lady has already planned her dream wedding since she was a little girl in hopes it will come true in future InsyaAllah. So I asked the girl how her wedding will be like. She said if possible she would want a simple one but her fiancé wants a jeng jeng jeng! A betul-betul one! she said, cos they dun want to regret in future like should have done a real wedding or nanti tengok org lain nye weddings lawa boleh jealous asal tanak buat betul-betul dulu, you get what i mean? Shocked seh, as I know men would always settle for shortcuts. Oh a betul betul one in malay wedding dictionary means, is a full blown wedding, with all the works. No simple2 stuff.

Men will always surprise us ladies eh. Your fiancé wants a betul-betul wedding or shortcut? Dun malu2 la just share! 😀

sidenote: sorry if i blogged in pasar language hahaha!


4 thoughts on “Betul-betul

  1. I was the one who, many years back, envisioned a grand wedding but my then boyfriend (now fiancé) refused to even mention wedding, even just to dream, because that time belum ada sen… But then bila dah start kerja, rasa susahnya dapat duit and kumpul duit, plus I met someone who changed my perspective, I decided I want a simple one and he was soooooo happy to hear that because he’s even more of a scrooge! Tapi mak dia is still like mak-mak dulu-dulu, nak besar-besar jugak so he let her settle his family’s side (dengan duitnya sekali he let her settle).

    1. duit skali his mum settle? best per! ok la if the mum wants to help. takkan nak ni nak tu abeh smua anaknye yg kene kluakan duit. my parents pun old pesen, nak buat betul betul. ni part i takot!! 😛

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