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sooo cool or what this Save The Date photo? that’s if both you and your mamat can swim la. if cannot swim then dua2 tenggelam nanti HAHAHA.

i am still thinking whether me and yan should do a pre-wedding/save the date shoot or not. nak tu nak la but we don’t have the same hobbies/liking. i would want my pre-wed or save the date to project our personalities if possible. something both of us are comfy with. truthfully speaking, we dont really share the same  hobbies BUT we love to eat, eat and eat! (that explains our current round shape) one of our favourite restaurants to dine (cheh dine seh!) at is at Fish & Co., that we would actually eat there once a month EVERY single month. hahaha! i’m such a fangirl for Fish & Co. seh. we lunched at FnC yet again last weekend and i plonked the (wacky) idea of having our pre-wed shoot with FnC or at FnC and of cos, he waved away the idea saying dat i am lame. sigh salu burst bubble org tau … …


we shall see what ideas he can come up with hmmph!

eh mcm coincidence eh cakap pasal underwater shot and FnC all in the same post. water, fishes, geddit?


6 thoughts on “Underwater

  1. Haha my fiance is lazy to think of all these so he let me decide how I want it to be. But not until underwater la kan.. Haha.

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