Salam Ramadhan!

Salam Ramadhan to all my fellow BTBs and Muslims out there.

da nak dekat masok sixth day baru nak wish eh? hows puasa so far? good? da selim? Alhamdulillah syukur~ 😀

korang da masok Bazaar Geylang ke belum? if BG is too far for some of you, these days there are many other Ramadhan bazaars at your heartlands! so if you lazy and dowan to rempuh geylang, do drop by ur nearest bazaars la. what is Ramadhan without having to rempuh bazaars rite? elbow to elbow with other ppl and ada la jugak macam nak elbow the faces of those who tak sabar, jalan tolak2. relax ah bro makcik2… testing the patience ah during this holy month.

speaking of bazaars, i know some of you girls are looking for rainbow Qurans and i saw one stall beside Paya Lebar MRT yg bawah the huge tent la tu; klau tak tahu mintak kene elbow to the face. heh! one of the stalls under the huge tents sell rainbow Qurans and what is special about this one is that they carry Qurans for Wanita. pardon me, but i dunno got wanita version leh. and so colour2 too.

6142013205541pretty hor? sorry i didnt get the shop name. the plastic bag that was used to pack my bros’ and ayah’s baju kurungs from that shop pun no name, plain blue plastic bag so not my fault for not getting the shop name 😛 so if you are keen on getting these, please walk slowly, look left look right and keep a lookout for them k?


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