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Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Idea: ♫ I’m With The Skater Boy ♫

remember when i blogged about me and Yan not having the same interest? actually ada la seh. lupa seh. ape nye fiancee je aku ni seh…

we were both into skate. skate skateboard please, not rollerskate eh. ok la he was a skater back in the days (and back when he was thinner? or isit fatter? hahahaha!) and i used to like skater boys. last time, before the TC decided to pecahkan the knee level brick wall at my bawah block nye luar, skater boys err skated there and used brick wall sampai la calar until the TC decided to bring it down and install those seats that you see at park, those fugly green metal kinds.

so dulu i used to like skater boys sampai dress up konon nak mcm skater girl tapi tomboy nye kind -________- with berms and baby tees (oh last time can fit into baby tees one now … T.T) and pakai bagpack se-low low nye LOL! why shahirah why!

anyways, cut story short, was researching for inspirations for a pre-wedding shoot (fickle me, dunno want or not to do a pre-wed shoot) when i came across these photos!


Source: Green Wedding Shoes

aiseyman, awesome seh! the girl doesnt have to skate la obviously. how to skate in a wedding dress kan? just hold the skateboard, pose and smile prettily for your cameraman lo 🙂

but as usual, mesti bubble kene burst.

Screenshot_2013-07-18-15-02-122013-07-19 00.04.56

sighhh why my fiance like dis one ah?

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