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Plus One

no la not this Plus One…


HAHAHA! so old skool sia.

i turned a ripe old age of 27 on the 19th of July and what better way to spend my birthday by taking leave and cooking for the whole family. LOL! terbalik seh. i thought birthday girl supposed to relac2 but kene masak jugak 😛


since i started working, i have been taking leave on my birthday cos i dun believe in working on that day (sadly the companies i have worked for and been working for do not practise giving their staff birthday leave so i take the initiative lo)


my family, fiance and i (minus the makeup. at home ma…)


14 thoughts on “Plus One

  1. alahai birthday you? happy belated birthday lah angry bi-bird! hehehehe.
    and annoying eh gambar plus one.

  2. Happy birthday! Join the 27 club.. 🙂 I think it’s fantastic to stay home and cook on your birthday. Kinda like a ‘thank you’ to your mom for susah-susah delivering you all those years back! 😀

  3. omg. maafkan sayer la pasal super terlambat. maklumla, da delete blog! haha. happy belated birthday babe! ❤

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