hey y’all. im back but for a few seconds only la cos i wanna write something in this blog of mine.

anyways, what do you girls do at this point of time, when all are almost and already booked and you have nothing to source on or about?

with that said, im taking a hiatus. ttyl ladies 🙂



2 thoughts on “Break

  1. harlow babe, when almost all has been booked for the big day, there’s still way to go. source and plan out the next big headache.. eh sorry, next big thing: HONEYMOON! 😀 (unless of coz, honeymoon pon da settle. lol.)

    1. honeymoon u say? i think we are putting our honeymoon on hold sighhh cos dpt rumah before wedding so klau boleh save up do hse first as shelter more imp ma. honeymoon can take a backseat for awhile 😦

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