Hi Bye

finally logged on to get my dosage of BTB updates. no updates from me cos im such a relac (in dear Ms EleventhOctober‘s words) lazyass BTB, ive stopped all planning activities relating to my upcoming event. me and Yan are fine but i’m in need of some plan-a-wedding motivation. more like kick in the butt to get myself moving. mama has been asking me about berkats la, invitation cards la, when nak go down to TC to inquire regarding my second choice venue (story abt this soon i promise) la but im just too lazy daa.

anyways, sneaked to our president of BTB club, none other than Ms Kahwin Khronicles herself, mak oii! BTB list getting longer and longer, especially 2014 BTB list! any of you girls sharing the same date (and *cough* bridal and *cough* caterer etc) as me? *easy there tiger…* LOL!

ok la, i wanna go get myself updated with you girls’ progress. maybe i can get myself motivated then and get to proper planning and updating.


14 thoughts on “Hi Bye

      1. SMS better and faster! yay to fellow doulath-er! 😛 and yes Happy MIL is a happy life, think… u will be in the same house as her in future heheheheh! nanti dia *im watching you meme* LOL!

  1. Chill babe. As long as main stuff settle good. Mine I dont even have a plan or anythin of what to do. Still not concrete. And decor isnt even confirm cos Kasai Sayang hasnt gotten back to me 😦 and my mom still die die wants her decor lady.Maybe make a list of what needs to be done then add dates. Pelahan2 kayuh. 🙂

    1. Hello Nadiah! wah u lagi relac eh? whens ur wedding? tgk la, i ni stalker takleh harap nye, BTBs nye wedding date pun tak tahu hehehe! anyway, saw ur latest post and whee! dpt jugak KS eh? good choice good choice 😛 better settle decor asap cos they oni take 1 proj per week. good luck! 🙂

      1. haha mine is 20/21 june 2014…..argH!! got all the vendors booked n just left ks left so at least that 1 can chill..but bridesmaids, lose weight, make baju all hvnt yet haha. gotta wait for my tunang balik b4 can make..giving myself till next week to at least make a monthly detail schedule now…lets all BTB push each other to get stuff done haha..maybe at least 3 a week…I’v got arnd 6 more weeks of sch so can always chiong after that

      2. Oh yes, Im meeting KS this evening but should I bring the deposit? We’re just meeting at Tampines Mall so Im guessing its just to see what they can offer? Lol, TBH this is the 1st time Im really meeting a vendor myself cos the rest is done through online and m still a bit jittery cos my mom is not for KS 😦

      3. mak oii! sampai dua replies eh! haha! lose weight eh? losing weight pun on my list but i stil have yet to get on with it seh. my hobby is eating wat to do la kan. for me dat time, i brought my depo along cos i was set on them doing my decor and da pun settled. and TM u say? boleh spy2 ni, if i were to bump into the KS guys, i noe u will be around somewhere too eh 😛 alaa, tell ur mum its ur wedding, takkan decor pun dia nak kacau kan. not say wat la, its a once in a lifetime thingy, lagi2 wedding. give and take lerr 🙂 try to convince ur mum k. im sure everythin will be fine.

  2. hehe..I just started on my regime..gonna get that slimming lotion at NTUC tomorrow also(they say tomorrow onwards buy 1 get 1 free lol) Hopefully it’ll progress into good results. 🙂

    1. Wahhh so on seh! I diet pun tidak, eeeeeat oni 😛 goodluck with the regime! Before u start, take picture first. At least can compare n know whthr got results or not! 🙂

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