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Bob’s Sure Is Handy

I’m not one to follow trends closely and im definitely not one who lingers and stalks each and every wedding vendors on their websites or facebook pages or blogs. i am not saying that stalking and lingering are bad, i salute you girls for doing just that cos you girls have so much time. haha! not that i dun have time in my hands la but im just too lazy to do the homework and researches. maybe i should change my blog name to The LazyAss BTB eh LOL!

anyways, i am so grateful to my fellow BTBs for introducing me to some of the relatively unknown (to me) vendors in the industry. some creative and others, ahem, interesting ones. relatively unknown to me because i concentrate on the vendors i know and like at first glance. i am not a fussy person, i like what i see and then i pounce (mesti korang tgh thinking that i pounced on my HTB kan? err. heh!) like KS for example, i once saw their works on my LJ fren’s mmm LJ and i never bother to look at other decor companies cos i know what i want and that was like in 2008-2009(?) LOL! belum ada boyfriend but da fikir pasal pelamin eh? up till now, KS will always be my number one choice for decor. bedek la klau i say i tak look see look see other decorators but oh well, KS caught my eyes first.

ish banyak songeh la pulak.

i was first introduced to BONITO by Bob by these lovely ladies, Miss EleventhOctober, Miss LabelleBride, Miss Coffee Couple Cahwin and of course, Miss Kahwin Khronicles and fell in love at first sight seh. such cuuuute gift trays designs crafted by the talented owner.

994307_705577642801559_1916713670_n 61246_697253940300596_612840266_n 485402_655063484519642_324267233_n 310293_652394081453249_307431008_n 733977_620595087966482_376571480_n 1045177_679789712047019_1466976062_n 1000907_671268216232502_326421631_n 734559_629701627055828_1889728059_n 46623_629214283771229_93739102_n487947_608273299198661_863635096_n

Source: BONITO by Bob

OMG! so cooote and and fresh rite the designs! :O

i am really2 grateful to you girls for opening my eyes, if not, until now, the only Bob I know is the builder aje. HAHAHA!


5 thoughts on “Bob’s Sure Is Handy

  1. Crate!!!Drawer!!!haha, OMG Im sooo in love with his stuff…lol we all same same taste in vendors lol! I just find his so avante garde and unique and cool and aiyah AWESOME POSSUM lah. Love his designs and work and he himself is a nice guy. I don’t know if its just me but I find male vendors and me totally click haha. Hope u use him. Love his creations 🙂 cos im not big on the tray tray stuff..haha I love eating too…as i type Ive got wendys burger, fries and cake next to me to get me through my assignment. Just gonna add in exercise to the mix and hope I stick to my regime. I was thinkin BTBs in the east can always go exercising together. After that..Makan together lol.

    1. da exercise then go makan together -_____- defeats the purpose seh HAHAHAHAHA! anyways, about bonito pun, i was just inquiring his service. i booked my gubahan decorators already BUT i have second thoughts since May. hmmm. we shall see la klau im fine forfeited my depo with my current decorators.

  2. haha still needa eat…maybe eaat healthy lol..yoghurt ke just find bobs work soooo unique and gorge. Even my mom who hates hates hates the normal gubahan trays fell for his creations. thats how awesome he is.

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