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The Call

Yesterday I received a missed call from Cik Zubaidah (Doulath Catering) and returned her call straightaway after. wedding nye pasal terus call eh? so many negative thoughts running through my head while waiting for her to pick up. when she did, she just want to confirm/check my wedding schedules, whether got any changes in the program for both days. i said no la for now, stick with it. i asked her why KEPO SIA and she just said “oh ada org inquire the same date as you so i nak check your schedule whether are there changes or not bcos you booked quite early kan?” OH ADA KAKAK KAKAK OR ABANG ABANG KAHWIN SAMA DATE WIMME?

so ya lo, i told her for now no changes la and she said if got any changes, do update her.

ok the end.

4 thoughts on “The Call

    1. hello BTB same date! finally ada org mengaku! hahah! up till today, i dunno anyone who is sharing dates wimme seh. anyways, you can just try and ask, maybe they can cater to max number of events in a day?

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