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Bob Can Fix It!

Ok, i have updated the Gubahan part in my vendors page. actually, i already have a gubahan decorator since May and paid the deposit too but i did not update that portion because, they have not gotten back to me with a courtesy email with an invoice attached for like *counts* 4 f_cking months which i think is VERY unpro.

note: i will only update the said page when everything is confirmed, meaning, with receipt or invoice via email or hardcopy in tow. if not, i would take it as unconfirmed.

so ya, even after the first email reply i sent to tell them i have already deposit the amount,ย 2 reminder emails, one in June and another one in July, they still did not reply. mind you, they are a 3 person team ok. if one is busy, one of the other 2 can do the replying what rite. so being a very relac BTB that i am, i dont bother la thinking maybe tengah busy month because June is considered “hot” month and July is just being July, i closed both eyes (LOL! da malas nak fikiran. that was why my planning took a backseat) see i can give and take, i can understand. if a bridezilla were to encounter this situation, confirm dah mengamok.

then, i updated myself with other BTBs blogs and some were gushing over a particular decorator and i also kepo2 la see the webbie and facebook and i fell in love at first sight. i already blogged about it here. i took a deep breath (HAHA! so drama siol!) and sent him an email to inquire his services and liked what he quoted and i dived straightaway.

another note: i did it behind my fiance’s back cos i know he will bising and i dun want him to bising cos we have already booked a gubahan decorator ma.

i transferred the deposit and sent him a confirmation email together with a snapshot of the receipt and waited anxiously. anxiously because i have 2 decorators on hand and its like a waste of money rite? in my mind, if he never reply, die, and my money, burnt. the day after, no replies. i kept refreshing my email every few hours, at home i checked my email on my S4, still nothing. shit, i thought. here we go again…

after 2 days, there was a reply in my inbox and i was so so happy and relieved that i got the confirmation. it came with an apology too. apparently, the decorator thought 2days to reply is not the way to do it and i know right there and then, this decorator is genuine. so apa lagi, i emailed the initial decorator saying that i want to cancel my gubahan and transfer my deposit towards my other orders and guess wat sia, she replied straightaway -____- irritating or wat. but whatever, since i got the confirmation already, i told her to transfer and our replies back and forth were all within a day. apasal part org gegar sikit, terus nak reply? if not senyap aje. you are just making your clients lose their trust on you seh. and thank god, she was ok with it if not my money will go down the drain.

so long story short (padahal da story panjang now then realise HAHA!), my gubahan decorator is none other than the in demand and talentedย BONITO by Bob!


wheee! so happy!

oh ya, i shall not name the initial decorator here. see! i am so nice ๐Ÿ™‚


12 thoughts on “Bob Can Fix It!

  1. teehee, Bob is a true professional babe..he reply a bit 1 or 2 days after I respond ada apology all n explaination. So the sweet kan.Kalau ada duit I book all his services lah. Aaanyway welcome to the world of BONITO!!Teehee, I realised that a few vendors of ours same and I really have to thank u again for being so nice and passing me bliss’s quote. my story dengan the photog pun same2. Even worse he acknowledge the deposit, didnt give a receipt tho and still ASKED me if I was giving the deposit. -_- Merepek kan! grr. Bliss best, straight away dapat ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. we’ve been BONITO-ed! hahahahaha! eh you are welcome la. like i said i stakat forward u the quote aje. 5secs pun tak sampai ๐Ÿ˜›

      anyways, no matter wat vendors we are taking or already taken, we must always be vigilant. lagi2 new case baru happened yest ๐Ÿ˜ฆ poor thing seh the couple..

      1. yeah, thats y. that time there was this big atira wedding issue for both pengantin was my cousin lagi. felt so bad seh. Insya Allah our vendors will do good.

    1. asal ur sentence macam hanging? lupa fullstop eh? hahahahaha!

      mmg suar siak. i dunno why asik i aje yg terkena suar nye vendors. tapi masih ok, padahal dlm hati tgh panic. 100dollah deposit seh mcm mane tak panic!

  2. hmm. it was in may. grooms side in the east n girls side i think cc. lol. my aunt ended up cooking noodles and they bought briyani from afgan..omg skali we sorta related eh. epic!

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