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Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Idea: Facebook-Themed

i am very fickle when it comes to this topic. some days, i will want a pre-wedding shoot because … well … i’m a girl, i think it’s fun, the pictures can be kept for memories sake and the mother of all reasons, IT’S ONCE IN A LIFETIME. while other days, i will not even want to think about it cos 1) of cos the neverending money problem, what else right, 2) it’s a waste of time and energy because you need to source for extra vendors and location ideas, 3) macam malas pun ada.

but the more i think about it, the more i want a pre-wedding photo shoot. cos like i’ve said, i’m a girl and even though i’m a simple tees, shorts and converse sneakers kind of girl, i love being made up. so one thought led to another. and as Yan and I “met” on Facebook (this one got story hahahaha! but i haven had the time to compose a composition about it) i googled for a Facebook-themed photo shoot and …

facebook-creative-soul-photography-2 facebook-creative-soul-photography-3 facebook-creative-soul-photography-4 facebook-creative-soul-photography-5

Source: Bridal Guide

a bit on the meh~ side eh? macam no excitement. the props used pun small, not like “in-your-face” banner kinds. ini macam tak boleh jadi ni HAHAHAH! i hope i can squeeze some creative juices out of my brains and into my photo shoot if we decided to have one later.


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