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Inspiration: Angry Birds

New Picture

how do y’all like my new blog icon? LOL! damn kemaruk ah? so obsessed that i’m thinking of using …

Angry-Birds-Valentine-angry-birds-33619956-500-353… the above as my wedding invitation card mock-up! but minus the babi la obviously even tho i like them cute green piggies 😛


another 2 awesome ideas for invitation cards from Merry Brides where she shows you How To Plan An Angry Birds Wedding, no kidding! for hardcore Angry Birds lovers ONLY.

and since we’re on this subject of Angry Birds and i, being obsessed with them, there were times that i think i would want to include them in my wedding, subtly of cos.

so how about i torture my guests at my photo booth area by having these as props?


Source: Etsy

IMG_0580 copy

Source: I’ll Get You My Pretties


Source: Pinterest

HAHAHAHAH!! zalim eh? confirm my photo booth no business seh ni macam LOL! ok la, maybe these are too extreme for even myself cos i dont want my guests to look ridiculous though i admit it would be such a laugh hahahah!

ok, here’s a subtle idea then, for my kid guests…

New Picture



Source: Craft Interrupted

… to bring home sweets and stuff (if i were to engage in a dessert/candy corner vendor. yet another dilemma for me this one). if not, i will have to think of suitable favors for my kid guests.

so…since, Yan has agreed to a pre-wedding photoshoot, how about an Angry Birds inspired one like this!

2012_0629_PassionTakesFlight182 2012_0629_PassionTakesFlight511 2012_0629_PassionTakesFlight448 2012_0629_PassionTakesFlight417 2012_0629_PassionTakesFlight132

Source: Embellished Blooms

such a creative idea, to be subtle and not over the top. anyways, i noe my paragraphing is very abrupt, from one idea to another idea but thats just how i roll. padahal tanak admit that i dunno how to empet/empit(?) nicely to another story LOL!

and i wanna end my Angry Birds idea post with an awesome proposal from a hardcore AB fan, Rovio (creator of AB) made a special level especially for him seh! Rovio, make one for me leh so i can ask Yan to propose to me. i dun have a proper proposal you know!

4 thoughts on “Inspiration: Angry Birds

  1. Babe! Invitation card mcm birthday invitation card seh… Hahaha… Angry bird photobooth look very cute pls… Maybe u can have a mix la if u want.. But full angry bird theme photobooth pun takla zalim … It will be fun to have a angry bird wedding… Ppl will rmb! Heheh

    1. i noe mcm invitation card for bdays tapi cute kan? confirm relatives trpranjat bila open the envelopes LOL! to me zalim! nanti i ketawa sorg bila tgk the softcopies HAHAHAHAHA!

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