A “Nigella Lawson” BTB

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while a normal BTB is planning her upcoming wedding, i, on the other hand, is training to be a domestic goddess ON MY LEAVE DAY summore.  ya, i applied leave just to experiment. actually i applied leave because i have to cook for Aidil’Adha. (macam mak2 seh! i use my leaves for days like these only. how housewife-y. padahal belum kahwin) ANYWAYS, since i was waiting for my mama (i still need her supervision la. malay cooking i still belum expert la sangat) i tried to make some eclairs and cream puffs and as you can see from the pictures above, it was a success even though my eclairs turned out short and fat and my puffs so huge! only that, my abang went and celop-ed the cream puffs into the chocolate. i wanted to swirl chocolate on top of the puffs aje, konon nak fancy smancy. so final product picture of eclairs only, since my celop-ed cream puffs turned out funny. funny but cute ok!

amacam geng, mau order pa? 😛


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