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Ayam Issue

for a reputable catering company, i was shocked that you have tukang senduk lauk along your buffet line. usually, when i attended weddings which were catered by said company, there were none and guests were free to take their own food and I can freely take as many ayam masak merah as i want. but last Sunday’s wedding was a shocker, well after i received a frown from the pakcik who was serving the ayam. usually i will take 2 or maybe 3 heh according to my mood or when i know who the caterer was. and knowing that your ayam is da bomb, i asked for another piece and the pakcik gave me a look and hesitated. i just waited and when i received another piece, i was nice enough to say thank you.

pakcik pakcik, why u like that ah? it was just ayam. its a normal for caterers to control the prawns but the ayam? i may sound like a brat, but hey i like to scoop my own ayam masak merah please and thank you.


18 thoughts on “Ayam Issue

      1. Haha…I hope during your wedding your bridesmaid kasi you lebih ayam or you n always join the buffet queue…your so cute la…haha susah dpt org mengamok pasal tak dpt senduk own ayam…

      2. No bridesmaids so nobody can control my ayam merah intake!! 😛 hahaha!! Like i said dat day mcm something new ma tak pernah org scoopkan ayam so rasa geram sikit la heh.

  1. yes please! i like to sendok my own ayam coz i only take the goooood parts mehehhehe. actually maybe they want to prevent this wastage of certain parts that are not usually favourite orang ah

  2. Haha, recently I attended 2 weddings whose food was by a super reputable caterer and I had my ayam picked out for me too. I had to make a sad face before the server gave me 2 pieces. But lucky the ayams I got was big and juicy. I also wonder since when caterers start limiting ayam…

    1. ya lo! i tot they only control the prawns. and i only got 2 pieces of skinny drumsticks, ayam dia wasnt well-fed i think LOL! super reputable? hmm maybe u and i referring to the same caterer eh.

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