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Nak videoman ke tak?


initially i was 70/30 on engaging a videoman for my wedding. a bit heavy eh? usually kalau undecided shud be 50/50.

dunno eh, to me, pictures tell a thousand more words than videos. you can flip through or click on hundreds of thousands of pictures and keep going back and forth doing the same thing and admiring the pictures. but with videos, they are a few minutes long after so much editing even though they were shot the whole day and for some, after watching once, the videos will be chucked one side and dust bunnies will be collected. with photo albums, anytime can open and flip through, tak payah switch on dvd player or other electronic devices.

sooooo when my BTB friends posted some wedding vids on their respective blogs and FB Newsfeed kept popping out vids cos friends “like” them, i itchy finger go watch a few and i dunno la, maybe ada dust ter-enter my eyes makes them tear or wat HAHAHA! … i suddenly feel like engaging a videoman for my wedding seh.

alaaa why so fickle ni…


16 thoughts on “Nak videoman ke tak?

  1. no need videooo!!!askk some family member ambil video ajer with camera haha..can still upload on youtube. just impt moments like nikah and sanding. IDK i rather have pics than a vid. pics easier to see and if got nice sequence which bliss will so do then more emo. Video i tend to end up laughing haha.

  2. Didn’t bother with a videographer and I’m glad I saved. Hehe cuz I see my friends semangat show off their vids for a week and after that no one is interested in watching it anymore. Sometimes raya they will put it on when we visit but no one watches. Everyone openly ignores. But albums, people will always like to flip and look as years go by.

  3. babe, your photog deal dont have package with videography?
    i beg to differ in opinion here πŸ™‚
    when we wanted to book our photog kan, we weighed out the options. it may seem macam takde orang nak tengok initially ah, but there’s no harm in having a vid for memory lane. imagine years down, tunjuk cucu-cicit! LOL! plus ive read somewhere that prevs btbs kinda regretted not having a wedding vid – taknak regret belakang hari! lol. in the end, we agreed to find a deal with both.
    ultimately it goes to your budget and what kinda deal you can churn from the vendor. hope it goes well for you! πŸ™‚

    1. have la but the price steep for the both of us. we just wanna have simple2 edits, takya buat sampai movie can already LOL! yeah i tot so too, my mum pun say just take, so when she boring2 boleh watch back -___-

      1. hahah cute ah your mum. untuk dia seorang tengok je ke? hehehee
        maybe try asking the photog if they hav vid package as well or how much for an additional vid service? no harm asking, ultimately its whether you want or not πŸ™‚

      2. Klau dia boring nanti dia on sendiri la hahaha! Ya ive emailed my choice vidman already who is my choice photog initially. Now that ive engaged my fiance’s choice photog i went with my choice on dis lo πŸ™‚

  4. Hi babe, just my opinion la eh. Im with Shaf in this issue. Initially me & Neighbour too thought it isn’t necessary to have one. But then my supportive friends (sorry! Not saying the rest aren’t.) urged us to get videography. Yes, we all know la that we wont be watching it every so often. And Im guilty of ignoring these videos during family gatherings. LOL. It is a fact. However, you & your hubs can play it anytime when just the 2 of you feel like watching; just to reminisce the sweet moments. In time to come, your kids can watch it too. Im gonna say the killer phrase, β€œWedding is once in a lifetime.” This, though, doesn’t mean splurging for a fancy bancy one; you just need to keep on sourcing for one that can provide you with a basic yet complete videography, at a cost reasonable to u. Im sure you will feel mcm relieved gitu at the end of the event, knowing that you do have the whole thing recorded. πŸ™‚ Just my 2 cents worth ya. πŸ˜€

    1. Mak oii! 2 cents panjangnya LOL! Joking aje eh, thank you for ur views nonetheless πŸ™‚ Like i told shaf, i da enquire pun with my choice vidman. InsyaAllah ade slot. Wat u girls say pun true la, its up to us cos at the end of the day, jgn regret pulak nanti takde tu takde ni tak complete la bla bla bla πŸ™‚

  5. I’m abit late but I also want to share my thoughts haha. I took videography only for the nikah to save cost. I have to admit I partially regret cos I’d love video my sanding and dinner as well. But we also wanted to invest in a proper videographer cos the editing makes a difference, capturing the mood and all. Although people think that the video won’t be rewatched, but I saved mine on my phone and youtube, and I watch it quite often haha maybe I’m just sentimental. Good luck deciding!

    1. Hello, its ok la. thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts! πŸ™‚

      i have decided, thanks. now waiting to have a meetup with our videographer soon! been weighing the pros and cons actually and i wouldnt wanna be those brides who regretted in the end not engaging this and that after stumbling upon other brides’ wedding stories. and my mum said “TAKE!” hahahaha!

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