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Unfollow And Unlike

with all my major vendors booked, i think it’s best i unfollow or unlike andaman/decor/miscellaneous vendors that do not appear under my “The Vendors” page. this is to avoid unnecessary fickle-mindedness, temptations and regret that may make me change my mind and also forfeit deposits WHICH of cos i do not want to encounter la. i have seenread some of my BTB friends jumping ships (please dun get me wrong, i am not saying its a bad thing but good for them la for knowing what’s best for them) and i do not want to join them cos mainly, i do not want to waste money and secondly, i no money to waste LOL! sad but true. need to save every bit that i can.


22 thoughts on “Unfollow And Unlike

  1. lol salute u dear…plus i know bridal deposit is usually arnd 500 gitu kan. If I were u also I wouldnt consider jumping ship. Plus if ur happy with ur choice no reason to jump :D. If not for my naiveness in just engageing vendors blindy cos people recommend, wouldnt be in this situation also 😦

    1. honestly ade la the temptations when i see bridals posting pics of their brides for eg TWB, kan lawa2 then i keep thinking have i made the right choice or not bla bla bla then i look back at my engagement pics then they reminded me that ive indeed made the right choice. hahaha! danger seh keje gini πŸ˜›

      1. haha LOL! aiyo lady dah tried n tested then doooont jump..especially if uv seen how good it looks on u. for me I happy happy book cos my friend recommend but after 2 of my cousins told me about their experience I was like, ok changeeeee..

      2. Haha Alhamdulillah..mine isnt..esp after seeing their works..n my mom reinforced it after seeing works by both mua..her reaction…book twb book.. dc how much. N shes the one who didnt want mua at 1st haha

  2. *cue lagu* kita serupaaa~.. hahahaha!
    ive been doing the same thing too sey, for the same reasons! and yeahhh, no moolah to switch vendors and forfeit deposits, so just berserah to the ones we’ve booked. at this point i think its more important to save the cash than to be swayed. hahah.

    1. i switched once! becos the previous vendor went silent on me, so to be safe, i switched. hahah!! better be safe than sorry nanti da takde gubahan-gubahanku. yala, i think gd idea to unfollow, protect our wallets at the same time hehe!

  3. Hello! πŸ™‚ Omg, I thought I’m the only one feeling that way. Im at the verge of changing vendor but what a waste coz I’ve started paying them on a monthly basis and my fiance would kill me if I changed it @.@ I haven’t yet unfollow them but I just take it as an inspiration of what I would like my wedding to be. Hehehe..

  4. eh!! i also did the same thing. i’ve unfollowed and unliked all those yang i tak book. takot nanti nampak lagi cantik la lagi murah la. macam2. godaan! hehehe.

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