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Help Please?

2013-10-21 13.46.52

when we received the quotation for hair and makeup plus photography for our pre-wedding shoot from our friend, both me and Yan could not believe our eyes. “kau biar betul seh ni members nye price?” LOL! we so tak malu. we did not expect it to be THAT expensive for 1 hour of hair and makeup and 2 hours of photography. 3 hours for that price is outrageous la to us.

with that said, any of you kind BTBs can provide me with cheaper alternatives? if not, i’m scraping this whole pre-wedding shoot idea.

22 thoughts on “Help Please?

  1. Hmmm… You didn’t post the price you were offered. How much is your budget anyway?

    I’m changing from pre-wedding to a post-wedding photography. ‘Cause only my bf and me are paying for a huge wedding without anyone else chipping in, so, we’d rather pay for our main wedding first before some random photos of us. Ok la.. Not random but its on a safer side. But, our post-wed pix will be around 1.7k anyway but its not hour-based. They’ll spend a whole day with us.

    You could google for deals. But, one advice would be that make sure that their portfolio is filled with the kind of pictures you’d want for yourself and make sure you get the photographer for that set of photos. I did see cheap ones while gooling but they look like amateur pictures. Good luck with the search. Sorry can’t help much. ❀

    1. oops! hahah! uploaded the image already. my budget is below 500, bcos i will be wearing my own outfit and photo theme will be very2 casual.

      wow! 1.7k for a pre-wed shoot initially is very expensive seh. good that you changed to post-wed at least photos will be more formal and by then you guys halal already, can touchy2 with each other hee! πŸ™‚

      yeah, now must source for better deals to fit my bajet budget πŸ˜› maybe we will DIY since we have our own camera, only that i only know how to apply eyeliner LOL! i may need some help with my makeup.

      1. babe..try hnhm. tho makeup all isnt included. I can email you their quote for their pre wed photog.Can always engage lipgloss by dyana zainal for makeup. $70 if do at her place.

      2. Wah diy! Really budget. At least get friends who are working in the photography line to take for you. Then at least a bit more professional. And a friend makeup artist who you can give you a discount or ask your friends’ friends.. You never know who knows who out there. All the best!!

      3. my fiance is a photog freelancer, his photos nice la, pro looking but not really pro LOL! he does it leisurely πŸ™‚ maybe we can try first, see hw our photos look like. if look too amateur then we get help la. thank u for the ideas! i actually tot of my cousin but she’s currently preggers and with a toddler in hand also, confirm cannot. back to the drawing block!

  2. hi babe..i dont think there is cheaper then this.. anyway i tak amik pre wedding shoot.. over budget..takpalah after that also ada phototaking lepaa nikah and time sanding..but my cousin ada amik pre we dekat malaysia jb cheaper than spore. πŸ™‚

    1. part nak masok mesia a bit leceh la, pakai duit oso, petrol la bla bla bla. actually pre-wedding is more a want than a need. klau tak buat pun i ok. just wanna know the markat rates aje πŸ™‚

  3. my photog is offering $300 for a triggerhappy session! πŸ™‚ and i know pink elephant labs is also offering something as competitive. continue sourcing babe!

  4. Maybe u can do ur own photoshoot? Im contemplating doing mine also(as in diy) since im not gonna do any prewedding. My htb got a decent dslr so i tot if we invest in those remote timers maybe can do our prewedding shots. Haha

    1. we also thinking of DIY-ing cos both of us have cameras but no remotes la. at first i gave idea, suruh him set timer then he will run and pose but the thought of him doing just that made me LOL seh! hahaha!! confirm member berpeluh seh πŸ˜›

  5. Eh! I rmb something… Previously while i was on camera remote thingy market survey, the salesman actually mentioned to us that if u have samsung or other phone as well as ur camera has bluetooth capabilities can download an app that can function as camera remote. The remote app require bluetooth. If ur phone and camera fit the criteria, boleh try. Heheh

  6. i know Chase Hasemi can do a hourly!
    He charged me $50/hr last time and if im not wrong i only took like 3 or 4 hours je.
    It includes high-res photos in CD, all edited.

    I did my own makeup but since u cuma tau apply eyeliner aje, i suggest u pay $70-$100 additional for a makeup artist lah. heh

    So senang ckp, i only spend $200 on my pre-wedding, max!
    u can do it. but mesti rajin carik and ask ok!

    1. hahahah! part eyeliner kongasam eh? seriously eyeliner je i expert, part blend2 i tak tahu, cuma tahu pakai blender aje LOL!

      thank u for suggesting πŸ™‚ and yes, im still sourcing out. klau die2 nak cheap2, kene DIY la, pakai our own dslr, get ready untuk berpeluh aje πŸ˜›

  7. Can DIY also! I did my save the date shoot DIY but pre-wedding shoot with Bliss. Some people thought my DIY shoot da macam professional. We actually used timer. So yes, my fiance did all the running to and fro camera sampai berpeluh hahaha. But since it’s only save the date shoot, we didn’t take many photos. So at the end of the 1.5 hours, we got about 20 photos which to us is enough for save the date. πŸ™‚

    1. eh save the date and pre-wed lain eh? LOL! to me mcm sama aje. maybe i will do them both together la since im not going for the formal2 look, or pakai baju pengantin (no no), i more inclined to being casual and having fun on this shoot. so klau nak DIY apa salah nye eh, at least kita berdua aje.

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