19 thoughts on “Less Than 365

      1. ya all settled. no la dat one fine it suddenly dawned to me that im getting married next yr abeh premature panic attack la. HAHAHAH!! tak tahu mcm mane next yr seh.

  1. Exciting! Now the days will really zoom past. Macam roller coaster. One day you tgh lepak lepak, next day your mother dah nagging at you to siap your bedroom for deco 😉

    1. hello!

      eh u count ah? padahal i nvr put date 😛 excited and rasa mcm nak muntah at the same time. like the days passing by so cepat! O.O!

      hope everything is fine n dandy at ur end too. have fun n good luck! (to the both of us HEH!)

      1. tak stress la. on the outside muka relac, padahal inside messy D: and i found my very first white hair, tak tahu la from work or wedding planning. ni takbleh jadi ni!! hahaha!!

      2. wahh tu da kes berat tu hahah! kl da kt luar muke relac tp dalam huru hara tu da kire stress la tu. I’ve had my fair share of panic attacks over the last few months. Tk klaka beb..! So kene try to chill n must think positive! (I bbl mcm real je eh padahal I’m also having a hard time to cope and to think positive).. hahah

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