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Of Ayam Masak Merah & Angry Birds Sampul


what i go to weddings for. no ayam controller so i got to take my usual share of 2 pieces ;9 a bit more spicy than usual but boleh laaa, asalkan dapat ayam masak merah.


how y’all like my angry birds sampul? actually it was Hari Raya’s sampuls i got from ThePeningPengantin but i no have other envelopes on hand so ok la eh. asalkan ikhlas and tak empty. perangai seh pegi weddings kasi angry birds nye sampul hahahah! klau i go to our BTB community nye weddings, confirm dorg tahu its from me πŸ˜›


9 thoughts on “Of Ayam Masak Merah & Angry Birds Sampul

    1. hahaha oops! i asked my mum kat mane ade jual putu piring cos one plate WHERE GOT ENOUGH ONE!!! πŸ˜› but then she said geylang, malas seh nak go jauh2.

      eh u got hal with my angry birds ah? nak kene shoot ngn dorg? nak mane satu? LOL!

      1. u can ask ur caterer? i will ask my caterer soonest but during my engagement my uncle yg scoopkan udang untuk guests πŸ˜› udang understandable la kene control. ni ayam! how can!

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