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2013-11-07 09.20.56

if this isn’t pressure, i dunno what is.

so before i get any more lazy than i already am and before the event dah basi, my turn la to story2 pulak since Ili, Nunu n Shahera have already did their part.

First and foremost, Farhana and I were from the same primary school, she was my junior by 1 year IF im not wrong la (“junior da kahwin dulu … …” in my mama’s tone) and we barely talk or even acknowledge each other la kan. stakat nampak muka aje kat skolah. fast foreword thru the years, i was introduced to Livejournal and found Farna (her name in short form) under the pseudonym Farnamals (try google, confirm masih ada! LOL!) fast forward again, till today, we are still online friends and once in a while, bumped into each other around our estate (yes, we practically live across each other but unbelievably, never really see each other)

anyways, back to THE wedding, y’all take a look at this…


cool invitation or wat?! i remember squealing at Yan after i opened the envelope “omg! so cool seh the card!” takya scratch pun tahu la sape nak marry2, since its all over our BTB community and well, i just scratched for the fun of it heh. curious ma to see what’s underneath the shiny2 cover. i actually told Farna that she can just pass me her invitation card cos we live in the same area in good ol’ Tampines, no need to waste $0.26 correct or not?

Yan and I, ok I la I la, decided to cab down cos its easier la and takya terkial-kial terkedek-kedek naik turun bus in heels and we were quite early. paiseh la cos we dunno anyone dere except for each other hahahah ok lame. so after standing around for like 5mins or so(?) Yan, being his approachable self, asked a Kakak about the seating arrangements cos i told him we have a table for us. and the Kakak showed us …

sidenote: i did not take pictures of the event slap my damn forehead and as Nunu said, these pictures were shared among 4 ladies so they will be repetitive.


THIS! cool rite? (vocab aku cetek per dari tadi cool cool) i was looking for my name, actually my curly haired avatar but to my dismay, no have. then i found the row with our name. jeng jeng jeng …


that’s me and Yan, first two! Yan’s avatar looked a bit like him but skinnier πŸ˜› but mine, totally different. I can haz straight hair!!! only in avatar world. oh wells~ i was happy to noe i was seated with my BTB friends, boleh kenal2 more beyond our keyboards. speaking of my BTB friends, i bumped into Ili and Nunu first at the door and i salam-ed them and i heard Nunu said “tinggi per deni” LOL! thanks eh! Ili’s first words were “nanti amik gambar ah!” the studio lights at the photobooth, since we were loitering ard there, were really bright nobody will miss them for the world. they said they were waiting for Shahera and will snap some pictures later.

0041 0042

baru kenal2 da take pictures, a bit shy and awkward so the lady manning the booth told us to Whoo! and so we did πŸ˜›

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#KahwinKhronicles wedding theme is Scallop (slurp slurp~) The amazing Kasai Sayang were their decorators and they really brightened up the hall. suka!

2013-11-02 19.49.42

macaroons as door gifts. actually one of Farna’s sisters gave me one but i hovered a little while longer she terpaksa give me another one LOL! i told her my fiance belum dpt hahahah! onto Table pictures!


me and my wet weddreams (THANKS EH ILI! hahaha!)


Ms EleventhOctober and Ms BrideSide


recent bride, Ms TwentyNineJune and hubby Arep.

f10658be81294fc17daed42701e07f1e_zps41037b01 f6efb5993474c01f3f8c9606332636b8_zpsf87493be

us ladies πŸ™‚


Bride and Groom with us at our table. we were told our table was supposed to be beside the buffet line but we were seated at the opposite corner. HAMPEH! yet another sidenote: saw many familiar faces since i followed Farna from way back and i received another wedding invitation card from another FB/LJ/Twitter friend, Shazila fromΒ Glitter on my Finger, who is also Yan’s little brother’s colleague. sucha small world!

2013-11-07 21.21.51

thanks for inviting us and InsyaAllah we will meet again at your big day πŸ™‚


Ili spotted Dyan from The Card Maison and suggested taking some before she leaves. spot me spot me! as if so difficult HEH! so nice strait line skali at the end ada satu galah -___-


candid shot with the mempelai. once again we conquered the photobooth, this time with Dyan.

0170 0171 0172 0173 0174

kesian terselit kat tepi AHEM. then forced Yan to the photobooth while the rest were having their desserts. MY DESSERTS MY DESSERTS! HAHAHA!

0188018901900191 0192 0193

hmm, to think he actually not once not twice dunno how many times rejected me cos he dun like to be photographed but he was the one doing more posing than me pfft. eh my mata stoppit seh so degil for wat cannot look strait asik nak tgk gambar sendiri kan screen hahahah!


last one with the mempelai on their beautiful dais before we said goodbye to each other. so nice to finally meet 3 BTBs from my blogroll. to more meeting up with BTBs at weddings in future. and of cos…


CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NEWLYWEDS (who are now in Maldives honeymoon-ing!)
Outfit and Makeup byΒ Ishq by Nora Zee. lawa eh?


amacam? sama tak?! klau tak, mcm ni …


pun boleh laaa… Slash pun ada Angry Bird version of him k!


17 thoughts on “#DahKahwinKhronicles

    1. thank u la! hehehe!

      confirm terletak and make me look slender kalau boleh hilangkan ni babats2 kat pinggang i ni. da mcm mak2 seh badan! if not, corset jugak mari πŸ˜›

  1. Kongajar eh head this post ngan my message?! Hahahahhahahaha
    Anywayyy my first words to you were: “ehhh hiii” pe. I tak biadap ok tgk muka u je ckp pi amek gambar hahahaha. The part about nunu and her desserts sumpah kelakar! Because she was heret-ing some hershey’s kisses for me as well!!! Hahahahhahaha

    1. ur message konon motivation la for me to post if not … LOL!

      i tot i heard u say but i heard Nunu’s words even tho she ckp pelan2 hahahah! i feel like a giant hokay amongst korang. anyways, when teringat balik the dessert incident, boleh ketawa sorg2 seh. kesian nunu, i remember her for her “MY DESSERTS MY DESSERTS!” moment HAHAHAHAH!!

  2. Hahahaha omg I’m so so sorry if I made u awkward. What a bad first impression of me kan? You are very tall and it’s not a bad comment hehehe it’s a compliment really. Aiseyman so sorry!!!!

    Anyways please eh hahahah I cannot stop laughing now. Now u all will remember me for dragging my dessert plate to and fro places kan! Ahahahah I sempat tau sacrifice amekkAn chocs for Ili to dapao! Lololol

    1. tak awkward la and i wasnt feeling awkward either. mcm terdgr gitu ma hahahah!! and takya sorry2 k πŸ™‚

      HAHAHAHAH! WISH WE HAD A VIDEO OF U AND UR DESSERT PLATE RUNNING HERE AND THERE! and we were all plain ignoring u seh hahahaha!!!

    1. Few yrs ago i itchy fingers go rebond my hair. After getting tired of having to care for it, i went for a perm then let my natural curls grow back. Now my hair back to its original state and so happy that i just need to scrunch then out the door. Low maintenance! Klau frizz pun can blend into other strands and hide πŸ˜›

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