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Location, Unchecked.

last Saturday, mama dragged both me and Abang to Tampines Town Council to enquire about our voiddeck and another potential location at our neighbourhood. its a bit too early la, SAPE YANG NAK KAHWIN AND EXCITED GILA NI?! my mama -_- dia tak tahu anak dia ni action relac padahal dalam tgh panic.

CS gave us a sheet of paper …

2013-11-17 00.26.13

and my mata terbeliak cos isit really that mahal? dulu my terbesar engagement at voiddeck was oni $150 (if im not wrong la i dunno where i put the receipt) then mama said mayb that time cheaper cos it was for a 1 day event. my upcoming event will be a 2day event insyaAllah.

see point 1, 3 months of advance booking is needed. another 2014 BTB, Simplict Bride, blogged about her booking experience at her TC and hers was 6 months in advance towards her upcoming wedding and she already signed, paid and booked her choice venue already. mayb different TC diferrent terms and conditions la. and of cos we asked the most popular question for all BTBs who are planning to hold their weddings at their respective voiddecks (HAHA! as if you all dunno) “if we already book the voiddeck and something *ahem* happens?…” we kind of dragged it cos we dunno how to put it in sentence but the CS (who is a malay lady, understood) replied, “the voiddeck is still urs as you already have the permit and they have to use other nearby voiddecks. phew~

actually, i have another location in mind and it is even bigger than my voiddeck and is just beside my block.

2013-05-12 15.05.47

INI DIA LOKASI NYAAA! sorry for the terlalu bright picture. this was taken during the very hot season and i put off blogging about my second choice location till now. heh!

very big and spacious eh? in my mind, as i walk here back and forth (as in pegi balik keje, or pegi balik from somewhere la, not tawaf the place everyday), i envisioned my wedding in my head like where my pelamin would be, where my buffet tables would be, where me and groom would march in yada yada y’all get idea la.

all i noe i want a dome-shaped tentage (as in a rounded top, not too square-ish la) i wish i can put it in writing of how i want the tentage to be but i can oni show a picture and this one fits the bill accurately.


(Source: D’Marquee & Google)

IF my wedding were to be held at my second choice location, i have always imagined my wedding to be under some tent ala circus2 gitu la. and when my guests enter the dome, they would be transported into another world like dat lo. mak cow! imagination gila babi seh. ingat Barney nye show eh?

ANYWAYYY (sidetrack melampau seh sampai sempat cari this particular Barney song), my vision and imagination of having my wedding under a tent was squashed to nothingness when the CS said that that location is only for public usage.

 hatiku luka, hampah dan kecewa~


7 thoughts on “Location, Unchecked.

  1. i did check out D’Marquee as one of my venues! but when my friend commented, “you think circus is it?!” terus tak jadi lah sey! hahahha

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