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Shine Bright Like A Diamond

For soon to be BTBs who have yet to choose their engagement rings, this one’s for you.


Source: Pinterest

aiya, never came across this back then when i was choosing my e-ring. and i realised i have not blogged about my e-ring eh?

anyways, the way i chose/choose(?) my ring then was, i know i dun want a single diamond aka The Solitaire cos i tried on my ex-colleague’s and it looked funny on my finger and i like many2 diamonds as i think its value for money hahahah! why settle for 1 when you can have many? diamonds, that is.  i had my eyes on 3-stone setting ones or side stones setting ones since i started looking and what better way to show examples than to show examples from Tiffany and Co. range kan? LOL!


Source: Round Brilliant Three Stone


Source: Round Brilliant With Pear-shaped Side Stones

and becos i know we couldnt afford a blue box back then cos our engagement was kind of sudden and with what we had in our savings, we settled for this!


though its not a Tiffany or a Cartier, i fell in love with this one right after i tried it on and it suited my finger just nice and from there, there was no looking back (actually i got try a $10K one but my fiance bolayan me lehh HAHAHA!) lucky it was the GSS that time and we got it at 80% off, such a steal. klau original price, u think he would want to pay for it?!


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