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Under Where?

Remember when I blogged about my wedding to be under some dome-shaped tent and my guests would be transported into another world that they did not realise that they are still stuck in good ol’ Tampines HAHAHAHAHA here? i still very much have that vision from the start till now, even though I know that that location is already beyond my reach HAIZ. why B.aey K.eng WHY so unfair like dat? what is “for public use” seh? am i not public enuf to use the place?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 269022_10151095827748882_500321921_n

the dome-shaped tent of my dreams and its interior. sidenote: i know that my wedding will not be happening under a tent BUT it wont hurt to just berangan kan?

chandeliers-hanging-from-tent-outdoor-wedding-reception tent-wedding-ideas-1 wedding-tent-decorations-pictures

the last pink one is to die for can! i used to hate the colour pink so much but somehow i mellowed down and turned into a girl. now that i was a boy before la but … oh you get the idea.

just imagine all the romantic draping(s) the decorator can do if my wedding were to be under a tent D: i would have died and gone to an under-a-tent-wedding heaven seh!


4 thoughts on “Under Where?

    1. yes! im planning to extend sampai ke luar. i got blogged about my voiddeck before i dunno u hav read already or not but anyways, planning to pasang khemah but dun think it will be dome-shaped tho.

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