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Can or Cannot ah?

i wonder whether y’all can help me with this.

am i allowed to/can i change job while waiting to collect the keys to our new house? i mean, will there be a halt in my payslip/payroll that H.DB needs to see and verify upon collection of keys. the need to change is of cos i want a higher pay than my current one la. feel the pinch already la. i save3 and never shop also like the same only.

so ya, if i were to get a new job in between now and collection of keys, will it affect my application?

13 thoughts on “Can or Cannot ah?

  1. Can!
    As long as you have got a new job lah. Then you just need to pass them your Offer Letter from the new company so that they know the salary you be getting especially if they wont be able to see the CPF Contribution yet.

    1. yala, must have a job ma. how to survive if no job ;P aah ok ok, makes sense. i ade la perah otak cos tak tahu mcm mane klau ada halt in my payslips and my fiance say dun leave, just stay until get hse 😦

    1. ya, i know wat u mean, they can see our cpf contributions but my fiance ni takot, he wont let me change job until get house. but if change job higher pay shud be ok wat riteee

      1. or is he afraid the grant nanti ditarik balik? sebab they have this ceiling kan? that time we already asked since my fiance was up for promotion soon after we signed our downpayment then the lady said the grant is already ours – it’s according to our pay at the time of the signing. and yeah if higher pay should be okay what since they want to know whether you are able to pay for the house aje kan? your fiance shouldnt be worried lah everything should be okay insyaAllah 🙂

      2. ya correct. dia takot kene tarik grant or even worse, tarik the house. with that said, is it possible for H.db to tarik balik our application? this part yg we are very scared of la.

      3. mmg sakit hati seh! imagine $XX,XXX amount poof! gone >.> yeah InsyaAllah ada opportunity. tgh last leg of the race (drama sia hahaha!) nak do watever it takes to save more D:

  2. Hehe of cuz can lah dear. My hubby has changed jobs twice since our flat application. If you’re taking HLE its based on your application time punye income. Like even if you get a higher paying job after, whatever grants they give you they won’t give you less just cuz you’re earning more.

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