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For 2015 BTBs!

2013-11-29 15.28.51

all i can say is, a very huge jump from their 2014 price guide. but then again, if you like their works, u will close both eyes rite LOL!

2013-11-29 15.27.10

very sad news for future BTBs who are planning to engage Bob for his gubahan services lo! lucky i chope-ed him already.


20 thoughts on “For 2015 BTBs!

  1. it’s shocking and sad at the same time because they used to be known for beautiful yet affordable event decor. but now… they’re just beautiful.

    my cousin and a few gfs sampai hampa sey tengok harga ni, coz they were all anticipating to book KS for their 2015 weddings. now most of them are reconsidering. tsk tsk.

  2. Haish, my first love gone just like that! But with quality comes with money i guess. But this price is for both CC and under blk yer wedding also ar? You’re so lucky to grab them! 3k plus is definitely an awesome price. And bobbbb! Hampa gue. Tau kahwin siang2 sey. Lol

    1. that, im not too sure. u can enquire with them? tak salah ma, dpt dpt dorg, communicate with them pun jadi la heheheh. asal tak plan siang2? LOL! but dun get too down la, mesti ada lain vendors yg up to par with them 🙂

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