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Where Got Cool?!

Lil bro: kak, u saw the wedding picture tak?
Me: (had a feeling which one he was referring to and member baru book out so a bit slow) yg ada ironman?
LB: cool seh! Kak, buat ah kak. I and haikal (his friend) can become ironman n war machine.
Me: dowan la nonsense seh. Kan malay wedding.
LB: cool seh!
Me: -_-
Big bro overheard our convo: kalau malay wedding, become Badang la.



4 thoughts on “Where Got Cool?!

  1. My fiance that time, now da husband (weird sey panggil husband), also finds that cool! I think only guys like find Ironman at Malay weddings cool. Ironman memang cool, but not at weddings la kan.

    And thanks for your well wishes in the previous previous entry! Senyum sampai penat sey, tak bedek. Haha.

    1. aww u’ll get used to it 🙂 lucky my fiance finds it merepek thank god!

      ada cheek muscles tak? LOL! good that everything went well. and doulath ada ice cream? nak tanya la! ;9

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