This and That

In case any of you are wondering, minah angry bird still alive and kicking, just that been busy with work and Masterchef US (LOL!), never once touched my lappy at home, even on the weekend. Got ah some stuff that I need to update about my wedding planning, only that I haven got the words right yet.

And Iโ€™m currently serving my 1 monthsโ€™ notice YES! I da tender after much thinking and worrying. Called my officer in charge and she said as long as have 3 months payslips on the day of HLE reassessment, we are okay. If not, can ask for extension to obtain my 3rd mth payslip but dun lama sangat la.

Thank you all for reassuring me about this house issues and all. My patience with current company is at the tip of my head already and I am very very tired with my scope already. More on these when I decided to really update my space.

Till the next entry yโ€™all!


12 thoughts on “This and That

    1. Oh, I forgot to mention that I already signed with another company already. Main giler ke da buang abeh hanging? LOL! I rather be safe, I secure first then throw. And mana ade stress free seh, makin stress lagi ada. Tiba2 so many outstanding -____-

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