Happy 2014! + Updates


Happy 2014 y’all! Lambat setapak but oh well, its ok.

Aiseyman, da 2014 seh. klau orang2 tanya bila nak kahwin, da kene cakap “THIS YEAR” omg!
D: D: D:

InsyaAllah this year will be a good year for me personally and also as Yan’s fiancee. im embarking (cheh embark seh!) on a new career and on top of that, getting married and receiving keys to our home πŸ˜€ how exciting! exciting yet stress all at the same time. hopefully good stress la.

So…just a quick update from me since my last post was way back on Dec 11. busy benar ye? padahal i have been catching up on all 4 seasons of Masterchef US, YES ALL 4 SEASONS and also a season of Masterchef Junior. hahahaha loser seh. when all normal BTBs are either planning their wedding or browsing or recceing, im just immersing myself in Masterchef episodes. hey! u wouldnt noe seh i mite be a Masterchef too in future but in my own kitchen la of cos (i can cook la but haven reach tahap Masterchef lagi) as much as i like watching Gordon Ramsay and Joe Bastianich (the botak fella *hehehehe!* very charming whenever he smiles and he rarely smiles ok!) yelling and cursing at the contestants, i cant picture them shouting at me, confirm melalak right there and then (unless they smile at me la heh!)

Anyways, onto real updates…

Work Related

i know i know this space is supposed to be about all things wedding but sometimes u just need to let some smoke out rite? those who follow My Wed Dreams (LOL LOL! sounds so wrong seh) might have known that i was serving my 1 month’s notice in one of my last few posts(?) by now i already left my ex firm and is now with another firm, but doing the same scope but a different position (more chim i would say :P) and of cos, higher paycheque la Alhamdulillah. but imagine jumping from audit to law, hah! very different rite? day 6 here and im still getting the hang of it or haven been doing anything yet la actually -___- bored to death sia. in words of the senior when i tell her i have nothing to do “enjoy while you still can…” not helping la.

Wedding Related


After much deliberation, we have decided to engage *Slipknot’s The Blister Exists drumrolls* a Videographer for our wedding and who else but my first choice photographer actually, XXX! Tak dapat him as my photographer, videographer pun jadi la.

He is like our family’s go-to photo man seh. Both my younger cousins engaged him for their weddings and now my turn pulak πŸ˜€ my brothers got ask me la why never engage him as our photographer cos his pictures are so vibrant and we all love it but I told them, for this, my fiancΓ© had the say. Takkan all my choices kan, kasi la member chan sikit πŸ˜› if can, this portion also I want to choose hokay! Cos he so selowww wanna make up his mind. We girls kalau boleh nak chop2 make decision then deposit just so we secure before other BTBs snap up our choices kan (eh every girl for herself when comes to planning her dream wedding ma)

so i transferred the deposit, got an invoice from XXXΒ and with that, i or WE for this instance, can haz a videographer for our wedding! πŸ˜€


17 thoughts on “Happy 2014! + Updates

      1. mane boleh pekik, i dlm taxi la nanti terpranjat pulak kan Yan and taxi driver LOL!

        means ur fiance and me neighbourhood neighbours la? ok i will! πŸ˜€

      2. yup, sebelah the old saints home. hopefully u pindah to ur fiance’s place before i pindah out la then we can jumpa2 gi pasar together HAHAHAHA!!! but i will still be in tamp la later in future πŸ™‚ tanak klua tampines! πŸ˜›

      3. Pasarrrrrrrr I’m moving in after the wedding! Eh means your future house in tampines also? Mine’s at tampines greenleaf eh! Near the masjid there! Omgggg neighbours foreverrrr so exciting

      4. “Probable Completion Date is 1st Quarter 2014
        Delivery Possession Date is 31 Jul 2015.”

        Plucked from webbie. so i dunno which to follow. klau 1st quarter … T.T

      5. Hopefully. The OIC said can cos I just changed job ma but cannot too long. Anyways, I will email u my number soonest k. Our thread getting too long, ingat chatroom ke? LOL!

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