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Not Funny K?

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HA.HA.HA uncle k.haw, you’re no longer funny k. i just started my new job and i was greeted with this when i logged into the website. plus my wedding will be in 9 months from now. why u liddat? if you think this is a joke, me and yan are not laughing lo. sighhh …


26 thoughts on “Not Funny K?

    1. i applied the Sale of Balance Flat and Alhamdulillah dapat queue number πŸ˜€

      date applied: 27 Sep 2012
      date flate was booked: 9 Jan 2013
      date lease of agreement signed: 24 Feb 2013

      now, we’re waiting for collection of keys πŸ˜€

  1. Whut?! Wahhh urs really super fast eh? Ive not logged in for awhile. Wonder if mine moved up. But chill k babe! It should be all right as per our discussion tt day. And yay yay nak pindah! :p

    1. WHAT WHAT! i dint realise until Yan told me and it was right after i signed the employment letter -___- my flat the fastest i think seh. klau boleh we nak slow it down. i was actually hope for heavy rain everyday so at least works kene delayed LOL! but pantas ah dorg keje.

      1. Weii jgn ah! I nak cepat! Hahaha. Takpelah babe i think hdb cannot rush u sebab dorang yg cepat. Am very sure it can wait till after ur weding. Lepas wedding terus pindah! Best kan! πŸ˜‰

  2. Thats fast… Very fast seh the contractor… It shud be alright babe. i think with the supporting document like ur catering invoice etc, it shud be Sufficient. It’s their end that speed up. On a brighter side, lepas kawin terus pindah.. Haha

    Im hoping that my flat will be ready soon. Tapi date asyik stuck at 4th quarter ajee… 😦

    1. too fast. rajin betul dorg keje eh? i was actually hoping for heavy rain everyday so at least works kene delayed LOL!

      wher got brighter seh, lepas kahwin kene think of reno works and furniture plak and how to move it straightaway, not live-able yet, so bare. nanti jadi doraemon nye hse, tido kat lantai πŸ˜›

  3. Waaaduhh! I feel ya! Time apply rumah cannot wait to get. But memandangkan having loads of other things to prioritize macam wish that they will slow down eh? Hehe. Look on the bright side, susah susah sekarang, senang senang kemudian πŸ˜‰

    1. yup! house coming first before wedding then after wedding reno pulak. adoiii! now im wishing for heavy rain everyday at tampines g.reenleaf so at least they can delay works LOL! InsyaAllah everything will go on smoothly πŸ™‚ thank u!

  4. Hii! Just saw your post. We might be getting our flat earlier than our wedding date as well!then I macam stress, afraid they might not accept our appeal that we cannot produce our cert when it’s time for key collection :/ heh. so much to think about ehhh? right after wedding/honeymoon dah bole start with renovations! hehehe.

    1. other BTBs and friends advised to use our receipts/invoices as proof that we are getting married on dat particular date. hope everything will go smoothly when our turn comes, InsyaAllah πŸ™‚

      tu yg part pening, saving and spending will be neverending! D;

  5. hi beb, ni kawan poly kiki yg nama shahira jugak. didnt noe u got blog abt wedding… baru jumpe sebab aku sendiri nak kawin haha. congrats on ur upcoming wedding!

    btw takmo worry abt flat. aku belom kawin… flat BTO da dpt…da habis reno pun…hahha!

    i got my keys 2013 in september. aku kawin april 2014. pun dorang kasi lepas 7 bulan. i got a fren yg kawin 12 months (1 year!) later pun dpt

    important is:
    1) must have at least 2 receipts/invoices
    2) the receipts must state the date of your wedding, and both receipts must show the same date.

    just be mentally and financially prepared for all the $$$ you gonna spend for the reno… makes the wedding cost n prep mcm hal kecik seh…

    1. Hello punksigh eh eh eh? LOL!

      aisey congrats to you too la! but my blog ni pun for fun, not that i blog religiously HAHAHA! wow! power la reno dabis. confirm pening seh mana nak reno mana nak prep for wedding MANE NAK SAVE!!!

      yup, i keep all my receipts and invoices for proof for things like these. sometimes H.DB OICs buat kita panic, then my fiance’s frens were unlucky with H.DB as well, mcm rumah dorg kene tarik (reasons unknown) tu pasal i panic >.>

      but InsyaAllah everything will go smoothly for my side as urs πŸ™‚ share2 reno quotes boleh? hee! IF can, u just email me at shahirrrah@gmail.com. if can la, tak boleh takpe πŸ™‚

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