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Local Wedding Card Vendors, Anyone?

Dear All

any local wedding card vendors to recommend? cheap2, good2, reliable2 please!

my mama is already on my tail “bila nak buat ur kad jemputan? da bulan berape ni?” like a spoilt tape recorder. i noe jaybee has a lot to offer but i very lazy la to go up and down.

if local, easier to liaise with ma. you can call or email anytime you want. if mesia, a bit leceh la.

15 thoughts on “Local Wedding Card Vendors, Anyone?

  1. im two months away from my wedding and i baru confirm my card vendor lor hahaha my mummy already bising ‘mana card u? i dah nak bagi2 orang ni!’ zzz

    anyway i went with dyan & the card maison hahaha 😉 you can also try from fran with love? her designs are cute as well!

      1. Hahahhaha Can!
        Can i email u the quotes besok? Cos i told myself to take the day off today after all the 4 days at Expo. Takut nanti i log in email, i tgk the email inbox terus i start buat kerja lagik. Lol

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