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I just had a little chat with my caterer, Cik Zubaidah of Doulath Catering Services (wanted to ask about kendarats) and this woman punya memory superb la. here’s a little convo snippet and i am not making this up and oh, she was driving btw and no invoices to refer to;

Me: hello cik, ni shahirah.
Cik Z: shahirah mana satu?
Me: yg curly hair (LOL! thats the only way i can describe myself and we have already met before ma)
Cik Z: oh, tunangnya Adrian eh?

even tho she got Ardian’s name wrong, it was very close.

Me: Ardian la cik, adrian cine.

member ketawa seh! LOL!

Cik Z: your mother’s name is Normaliz rite? (AWESOME OR WHAT!!!)
Me: yes correct cik
Cik Z: we met at your tunang’s hse at Sembawang rite? (WHATTT!)

i was amazed at her level of professionalism. some business owners tend to forget their clients’ name after a few weeks or so(?) the last time i met Cik Z was early last yr and she remembered my fiance’s and mother’s name. Shahirah a bit too common daa >.>

since i am at this topic, my mak andam’s assistant who assisted her during my engagement back in Sep 2011 also remembered my name, she called out to me when she saw me outside and asked how are my wedding preps so far.

these kind of business owners reassured me that i have made the right choice by choosing them and i need not worry, InsyaAllah.



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