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As Easy As A.S.K

I used to get replies from RW’s administrator Kak N.ini whenever i have queries to ask. But recently, early last year to be exactly, each time I texted Kak N.ini, Kak N.ooriel will reply. hmmm. At first I thought nothing of it, maybe Kak N.ini was on leave or something.

And I also noticed RW’s crew whom I added on FB; Kak N.ini and another 2 more MUAs (who are their head RW’s head MUAs), Kak N.ora (my choice MUA) and Kak R.ita, no longer have RatuWeddings after their FB name. I also thought nothing of this, maybe they just want to put their real name only or wat.

so come end 2013 and beginning of 2014, i saw RW’s owner posted this on her FB;


note the sentence in the red box. WHOLE NEW MANAGEMENT.

sooo there had been a reshuffle in their management i see. no wonder la i never see the usuals; as in Kak N.ora, Kak R.ita and Kak N.ini with Kak Y.atee (the owner) each time KY posted pics on her timeline or RW’s page. and no wonder la Kak N.ooriel had been the one answering my queries and not Kak N.ini. I sensed something amiss but i was unsure about what la.

actually I felt very uneasy about this la cos Kak N.ora is my choice MUA and if she’s no longer a RW-er, then they should at least inform me what rather than when the day comes, they send another MUA to colour my face. So i plucked up the courage and whatsapped Kak N.ora. Truthfully speaking, i was worried seh cos i dun want to offend her in any way lagi2 my day is like 9 months (GASP! WHAT!!!) away.

2014-01-28 09.22.53

(sorry if my english terkehel abit, nervous ma) and i am glad i did. thank you for being so professional and reassuring me amidst all the “chaos(?)”

so BTBs, if you feel uneasy or tak tenang hati atau minda (aisey minda pe!) about something, please do ask your vendors. dont be scared/worried cos they wont bite. if they do, change la vendors ape susah nya HAHAHA! no lah, you just have to have good communication and relationship with your vendors, thats all. and with that said, i have yet to ask one of my other vendors about my freebie vendor who has been playing hide and seek way too long in the wedding world.


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