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Pre-Wedding/Save The Date Shoot Alternative

Sooo instead of the norm, why not settle for the abnorm? I meant to say alernative la.

if like me, you find pre-wedding photoshoots or save the date photoshoots overpriced and over your budget and also very leceh (i am like a boy trapped in a girl’s body seh) and you have already given up on planning and researching and is very lazy to source for makeup, hair, clothes and photoshoot venue (what did i tell you about being a boy trapped in a girl’s body? LOL!), this fuss-free alternative is and will be right up your alley.

what kind of alternative you may ask?
this kind!


Source: Shake’s Caricature

this is a Caricature.

A caricature is a rendered image showing the features of its subject in a simplified or exaggerated way.

Source: Wikipedia

though its not the usual/traditional/normal way to showcase the beginning of your journey with your other half, it is a very fun and personalised way (and you dont have to spend so much time, energy and money on this…i think HAHAHA!)

you can choose to have it drawn in a formal theme …

ashley screen-shot-2012-10-04-at-12-42-36-pm

Source: Shake’s Caricature

an informal or funny theme …



or if you and your other half share the same interest …


Source: Wedding Caricature For Rock Climbers

or if you and your other half are in a bike gang or any other errmm “healthy”gang …


Source: Bride on Scooter Wedding Caricature

or if you and your other half met during the course of your work …


Source: Policeman and Nurse Wedding Caricature
*mentel eh policeman and nurse ni LOL!

hell, you can be as creative as you’d like!

the procedure is to just email your choice caricature artiste a high resolution picture of yourself and your other half and let them know of the theme that you want and voila! you just wait for the end results lo.

I have a friend who does caricatures and below are the details and pricing for his works;

Black and White A3 size (2 heads with background theme) – $75
Colour A3 size (2 heads with background theme) – $110

and here are some of his artworks;


Source: Khidir Suhaimi’s FB

oh, you can also check out RW’s Kak Y.atee’s caricuture that she posted up on her FB, which she gifted her hubby for their anniversary.


the company which did her caricature is and the details and pricing are listed here. there, you can find the artiste’s other artworks as well 🙂

just look at it this way, instead of having to research and source for a photographer, MUA, place for your pre wedding or save the date photos, this is a cheaper and less tiring alternative for you lazy (and budget) BTBs our there. and you don’t have to do all the awkward poses, no need to paiseh2 or shy2 and most importantly, no need to tahan kencing or berak LOL!


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