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Uh Oh!

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22 thoughts on “Uh Oh!

    1. best?! kalau boleh we want slow2 seh. hahaha! cos we applied SBF thats y cepat. ni pun after dunno how many time H.DB bring forward. dorg ingat main game eh? tsk. before this, the PCD is supposed to be after our wedding. now before wedding plak.

      1. wahhhh! seriously? they always bring forward… oh… SBF good laa.. no need wait so long. but the difference of it being from after wed till before wed is crazy!!

        baru je lepas ribuan at wedding seh…

        u remind me of my cuz, hers is BTO but she will be getting her flat 5 months after marriage, dia smp ckp confirm pindah tido kat lantai. haha!

      2. thats y the :O face. cos baru finish XXthousands of dollars abeh now kene restart balik for the house. takde rest seh!

        after marriage its ok cos ada time to save up. mine mcm together seh, mcm the hse n wedding tgh challenge in a race, sape reach first good grief!

      3. oh my…. sedangkan saving for marriage je mcm nak patah tulang satu badan.. ni double eh!

        All the best to you and your htb sis. insya Allah Allah will be there to guide and help you along. 🙂

      1. HAHAHAHAH!! follow blog title ma. nope, not yet. i wont look for ID, contractor more cheaper i heard from friends who da do their homes. but this, i will leave to Yan, i da plan wedding, he plan hse so fair. klau smua i buat, come october i botak seh!

      2. hehe thank u and im ot fishing for compliments eh LOL!

        pinterest tu smua berangan aje but ok la for inspiration purposes 🙂 not wrong to berangan once in a while

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