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Meme-fied Feelings

Guess wat seh people…!

my mama suddenly dropped the bombshell one fine day “why not we make it a 1 day event?”


“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN LA MAMA ALL THESE MONTHS?!” i looked at her in disbelief. this coming from the woman who insisted on hosting a normal wedding event which will take up almost 2 days; 1 day for nikah and 1 day for sanding, because nak avoid the famous line “takot orang cakap” or “nanti orang cakap” and other unnecessary tak perlu comments from relatives, distant or not. this coming from the woman who insisted on hosting a 2 day event because her only daughter is finally getting married (InsyaAllah) and this will be our family’s first major event. and my dad’s reaction you might ask? “SEMBARANG” “Ayah tak kisah la satu ke dua hari ke?”



all these after almost 3 yrs of getting engaged and nearing the finishing line, they decided to drop this HUGEASS bombshell on me. and in a very relac mode lagi no less.

what to know why the sudden change of mind? because my mum macam kena brainwashed by her colleague who told her that a 2days event will need to use more money cos nak kene feed guests for extra 1 day. i thought i tried to tell her this before but she did not and wont buy it.


i sampai gigit lower lip tau, sampai merah mata dibuatnye. frustrating you noe when they die2 insisted something in the first place but then suddenly change their mind suka2. in less than 9-10mths (WHA~!!! ) no less.

dat makcik damn skill or wat to have made my mum change her mind on the spot. gua salute you la makcik. nanti jemputan i give you 1 packet extra of nasi bungkus eh hahaha! peluk cium skali. eh thanks but no thanks. heh!

so now i tgh terkial-kial message/email/whatsapp all vendors, mostly the ones who are needed on the 2nd day. if majority of them cant, then we will just stick to our original plan of hosting a 2 day event lo.


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