Home Sweet Home


I have yet to come up with an official hashtag for our wedding but I have already came up with a brilliant one for our future home! Suddenly looking forward to the place we will be calling our own more than the wedding itself LOL! (Blame the wedding preps stress la!)

And the hashtag for our humble 93sqm home is … … #sixteenOHfive! Vhy sixteen oh five? Our chosen unit is #16-05 la, zero change to OH in the hashtag just because its err cooler? Heh!

Otak brilliant or what tengah2 malam ni? Adoii cant sleep because I popped a panadol extra to relieve the headache just now. Ok la bye now and I shall try to get some sleep instead of googling home renovation ideas.


4 thoughts on “Hashtag

    1. Yan yg choose. i wanted a lower unit but luckily nvr take lo. the workers use the lower floors as resting area, can see hanging of bajus at the windows.

      bukan nasi lemak je, makan ape2 pun boleh tangkap angin dokkk fuhhh~ 😛 and with that, u can bring curry, ayam merah and asam pedas skali k klau drop by LOL!

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