Fuhhh ~

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stumbled upon this while googling about malay wedding (hahahah! so juvenile sia.)

It will be the most informal wedding you have ever seen. It is basically just a dinner on the ground floor followed by some Karaoke by the newly wed maybe. The food is sometimes cooked by the family themselves on the ground floor with makeshift stoves etc…sometimes they get a caterer. Dress in business wear…a shirt and skirt…or a dress…No coat. Remember no air con = hot.

It is a very low-cost event.

ewah ewah~! (adik sungguh lawa~!) banyak hensem tulis ni mcm about malay weddings.

informal abis… ni mcm bride and groom pakai tshirt, shorts ngn slipper la. informal kpale hotak dia la.


business wear? dia fikir wedding kita ni boardroom meeting ke?

and LOW COST?! if low cost, we wont be spending more than 10k-20k just to get married sia. very low cost indeed.

PS: Ladies, if u must share, dun share my blogpost pls. Right click and save the image and post as urs, i dun mind. or just click here. thank u!


20 thoughts on “Fuhhh ~

  1. Ehhhhhhh Mintak kena sepak sak ni budak. Banyak cantik dia peh low-cost wedding.
    Yang part duit salam tu, ngada2 sak and part leave in 5 minutes is so damn rude!
    Im gonna share this on FB. Not linking to your blog of course. hahahahaha

  2. Hmmm.. This is highly disappointing to see that ‘some people’ view Malay weddings to be as such. Before being so quick to judge, perhaps one should understand our Malay culture first before assuming. First and foremost, which Malay in Singapore can afford to hold their wedding in a hotel ballroom when we have such large numbers (sometimes up to 800pax or more) of families and friends to invite? Ok, fine. There are some but not many. When others only have a guest list of 150pax, a hotel ballroom would be the obvious choice. Our Malay void deck weddings may be ‘simple’ but they have so much more to offer which not many weddings can offer. The spirit of togetherness or “gotong royong” as we Malays call it is irreplaceable. And yes, maybe sometimes we forget to provide cutlery even though we have invited guest who may not necessarily be Malay. But hey! Why not give it a shot? Nama pun Malay wedding so why not try eating with hands cos it really it finger licking good. I grew up in Singapore and I still love void deck weddings.

    Just my 2cents.

    Sarah Abd Rahim
    Chenta Weddings

    1. i think the writer’s fingers are dirty to type such things abt our malay weddings so no finger licking good for him HAHAHAHA! anyways, decorators these days can doll up our plain looking voiddecks until we feel that we are being transported into another place, they are that good.

  3. Makkk biadab pe ni orang! Da pakai short trousers abeh dengan hijab ah? Bagus! Low cost event? Bobal banyak. Honestly speaking, most of my non-Malays are very shocked at the cost of a ‘typical’ Malay wedding. And at the same time they are also awed by our sincerity of not insisting on a standard amount to receive from guests.

    Clearly this bugger hasnt gone to a Malay wedding in bloody decades.

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