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I Have Yet

to book my kursus people. (why do i always type it as kurus? cita2 nak jadi kurus tak tercapai agaknye, LOL!)

ya, so i have not booked a slot for our prep course. i really dunno why, it is something so basic and simple yet it slipped outta ourmy mind so many times. sighhh, really need to get it over and done with man. Yan wanted to go for 1day course cos 2day is too much for him and he doesnt want to waste time. 9am to 6pm, 1day dah. takya nak go again the next day. fuss free. anyway, the objective is to just get the ticket to get married wat rite? sorry to be so blunt but thats just how it is.

so, can we register R.OMM online before going for kursus or do we have to go for the kursus first then can register?


28 thoughts on “I Have Yet

  1. i’ve been hearing news that kursus rumahtangga is no longer compulsory….. so i guess whether you dah pergi kursus ke belum, you can go ahead and register with ROMM asalkan dah 150days before wedding date…?

    1. yeah, i read ur convo with prettyposy and her post on the same subject as well. but at the same time, at least kursus can prepare u for marriage life rite? so i guess i better go, early or late oso still have to go.

      1. ah, okay, okay. when the first person told me, i was skeptical actually, but after a few people dah cakap and confirm they called ROMM then i guess it’s true…

        and yes, even if it’s not compulsory already, i feel that the kursus is something every couple yang about to get married should go.

        some people say boleh save $300, but the knowledge and skills that you learn at the kursus will be worth more than the price. hope you decide your kursus date soon!

      2. i will go la just in case they ask for it and also for the knowledge. i woudnt want to plunge into the being married life with closed eyes also, we may have our personal views but its good to have the views of the ustaz/ustazah oso. we are all not ermmm perfect anyway.

        thanks for the input farna, i will decide as soon i can get into Yan’s big head LOL!

  2. Nunu lagi tros tak pergi. Really living up to her gangster persona. Entah entah dia bantai sesiapa yang suruh dia gi hahahaha

      1. becos u asik nak bantai and bedal org aje HAHAHAH!! kan da kene label.

        ohh i think kene pegi jugak but up to u wthr nak go before or after romm register. i think if go pun bagus jugak la, prep for marriage life *mengeluh*

      2. yah he is super nice and soft too. our solmenization was 2pm but i think he reached about 1.20pm. started at 1.45 and all finished by 2pm. he is..(ALAMAK I KENE CARI!) Syed something

    1. EPPP!

      call ROMM first to confirm, skali last min tukar lagi abeh belum pegi kursus mcm yeye nak kahwin then tak dpt mcm mane LOL! but to be safe, just go la for preparation πŸ™‚ u haven go?

      1. ish! naughty eh!

        i belum check but i would rather just go kursus and gain knowledge plus the cert of cos than nak kahwin skali dorg mintak tgk cert abeh kita takde, amcm babe? LOL! be safe than sorry katakan.

  3. 1 day course can mean personal or express.

    If tak silap – APKIM 1 day course; half day is personal, lagi half day then in a group.
    The one in Arqam , although it’s 1 day but it is conducted in a group. Kalau tak silap lah..:)

  4. Go 1 day senang. Get it done and over with. Went with Apkim, got Ustaz Ali and he was awesome! Our session, very unsur Islam laa but he made it palatable and in fact very enjoyable. Its like you keep hearing weird things like nak ahem ahem in Islam must dlm gelap and undercovers, but dah clarify and tak payah eh! The kursus is useful in terms of you get to clarify stuff you don’t want to ask your parents. And Ustaz Ali was like, “Segeram geram awak dgn pasangan awak, jgn sesekali di depan anak awak awak memburukkan pasangan awak.” This one stays with me because so many parents I know, mine inc. like to include kids in spousal arguments. Oops mcm gini I conduct the kursus for you aje laa πŸ˜‰

    1. part ahem ahem tak payah in gelap tu happy nye! LOL!

      wahh boleh la u conduct just for me n Yan, tak awkward sgt. ya Yan wanted a 1 day one, get it over n done with, tanak waste time and waste another day. we are leaning towards APKIM now la and i hope we dun a strict teacher πŸ™‚

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