Exercises For Brides To Be

… who are more on the “curvy” side, me included la. doesn’t mean im tall, im perfect. no, my body is like how you would describe a “Mak2” you know when ppl go “badan macam mak2 seh” yes, my body is like dat and im not even married yet. im bigger than my sister-in-law *WAILS* and shes older than me with 4 daughters in tow.


she’s the one in red and im in green. I LOOK SO BIG. tsk. no matter how i angle my body, i still look big, no amount of angling can help me now T.T (i should be exercising instead of blogging eh? LOL super procrastinator sia)

been following a few fitness channels on YouTube and i hope i can at least lose a fewlot of weight for my upcoming wedding which is not far.


hopefully can go back to circa 07 seh.


walaoeh so slim for wat sia. I HAD COLLARBONES AND NO DOUBLE CHIN! now everything is non-existent. (dont mind the hair, rebonding craze phase LOL!)

ok exercise time! byk songeh oso no use, wont magically lose weight rite?

top-10-exercises-for-brides-to-be-knotpop-headstart-fitness-gemma-millySource: Bridal Musings


8 thoughts on “Exercises For Brides To Be

  1. Thank you for sharing the cute illustration for exercising from Bridal Musing babe! imma create one blog for it. nak reblog but there’s your personal post, so i find it a little inappropriate. hope you don’t mind. 🙂

  2. Eh thanks ah beb!! I hope I can do this seh. I’ve been procrastinating for months seh(or is it a year ++?). Now left 3 mths+ je hopefully masih sempat untuk get in shape.. ='(

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