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Why You So Like That Ah?

I want to blog about my latest booking but the vendor has yet to email me the invoice after i transferred the deposit 2 weeks ago. Sigh, why must my vendors always like this one ah?


14 thoughts on “Why You So Like That Ah?

  1. don’t think it’s just you – a few of my vendors didn’t give me confirmation receipts/invoices until weeks later, just prompt them if it’s really urgent for you and i’m sure they’ll get right on it. no issue!

  2. yea babe! gotta be persistent. usually i give a time frame of 3 – 5 days. if no invoice by then i will keep on texting and messaging and emailing them. i am one annoying bride to be. hahah!

      1. i know right. i think it’s a stressful job. actually it won’t if it’s in order. but it’s usually easier said than done. haha! if lama sangat go and contact them babe. takut dorang overlook.

      2. lol! i cannot uh babe. i very kanchiong. if vendor promise by 3 days. then i expect it to have it in 3 days. hahah.. but ok laa.. takde laa sampai give angry emails. :p janji dapat cos that’s like the only evidence apart from the reference slip from the bank.

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