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The Dreaded “S” Word

Sudden realisation that i’m going to have (ARRGHH!) sisters (ARRGHH!) in 8 months time.

For the uninitiated and uninformed, I am the only daughter in the household with 1 abang and 2 boy adiks, and the thought of having to receive future adiks-in-law (SIL, her 3 daughters and Yan’s youngest sister) with arms wide open is just no, no, please just no…


who can i manja with in future ni?


i am so used to being “pampered” by my brothers (boleh suruh pegi kedai belikan barang la, food la, angkatkan barang la and so on) that i have no idea what is going to happen after these 8 months.


P.S be sure to expect more emo posts like this one as i trudge through these final months with my family.

and yes, i do have an emo side in me k.


6 thoughts on “The Dreaded “S” Word

  1. Heyyy i was just telling rina and nunu a few days back how emo i was. Tetiba nangis seh bila nak tido malam. random and macam tebiat pun ada ah. But okay lah tak gila sangat….cause we can emo together hahahaha!

  2. Takpela kite emo sama sama… Hahaha dari kakak2 kahwin jadi kakak2 emo… Lol

    On a brighter side mane tau u can go shopping shopping with ur in laws ke… Heheh… I’m going to have a “brother” and it’s so freaking awkward (kalau boleh taruk cricket sound i wud haha). My family is female dominant. Haha

    1. actually i very quiet when im ard my FILs, mcm belum biasa and no common topic. so i diam je lo and i feel that i and them are worlds apart la thats y 😦 meh i letakkan KRIK KRIK! LOL!

      Anyway ms prettyorkid, I’ve received ur invitation card already 🙂

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