Kids’ Favours? Dessert Table? Checked!

Thinking of berkats or favours can be a pain in the a$$ la for some. I dont understand how a simple item from the never ending wedding checklist can be so leceh. Up till today, my parents and I have not decided on the berkats for our adult guests. For the little ones are easy enough, we can give them chocolates or sweets and they will be happy (and messy but that’s their parents’ problem, not mine LOL!)

BUT the smart and practical side of me (I dunno how sides I have but the most obvious sides are my muffin top HAHAHA! I endearingly call them, my tepi) thought of the most perfect idea of combining the dessert table and kids’ favours.

Having a dessert table has been in my mind since the very start of this journey but after I got quotations from known vendors providing this service, i said “terima kasih sahaja la”. Way outta my budget. Into the wastebasket they go. But then again, sape tanak these pretty2 tables at their weddings kan?

885163_514577265254471_1740352164_o 1048672_665633510148845_1125157528_o 1492499_637909609587902_1408982458_o

Source: Dessert Artisans

facebook_431312840 facebook_1047817756 facebook_1261552904

Source: Spatula Bakery

I also toyed with the idea of DIY-ing a dessert table too but who would want to man the booth right? My parents will be busy mingling and such, my brothers will be busy mingling and such even my aunts, uncles, cousins and relatives will be busy mingling and such (yes my maternal side is the gotong royong kind, every jemputan klau boleh nak gather -___- and I do not want to talk about my paternal side) so I cannot delegate this task to any of them. My uncle’s wife also suggested the same thing saying that it is cheaper to DIY than engaging someone to do it for me BUT YOU NAK TOLONG I MAN THE BOOTH, TOP UP TOP UP THE BOWLS KE? If not, please, just please. If yes then I don’t mind supplying these cheap2 and good2 serving bowls from IKEA and I can keep them for future use after the event 🙂


Source: IKEA

By then i already dropped the idea of having a dessert table and dun care about the favours for kids but these itchy fingers of mine went IG-hopping and one fine day (after IG-hopping my life away) i saw this vendor providing a one-of-a-kind dessert for weddings/birthdays.

You all know these goodies?

Churros-Final-447 Churros-hz-FINAL-580

Source: Just A Taste

They are called Churros.

A churro, sometimes referred to as a Spanish doughnut, is a fried-dough pastry—predominantly choux—based snack.

Source: Wikipedia

Ok, so what does Churros have got to do with dessert table OR favours? Instead of engaging a separate vendor for dessert table and kids’ favours respectively, this vendor which I recently engaged can double up as both! who are they? (haiya so drama for wat rite? LOL!)


They are the unique Choo Choo Churros!
(You see the brand logo, so cool rite? The smoke from the train is actually Churros)

They will be my dessert tabletrain and kids’ favours all in one! Which kid doesn’t like sugary sweetness and chocolate rite?

facebook_-429784611How they are being served.
In those water paper cups and lined up nicely in eggs carton trays. How economical! And you don’t have to worry about having too many tables for these (imagine having buffet line then summore tables for dessert da mcm train LOL! (pun intended)) cos they have their own churros cart which they built themselves.


All they need is space and a power-point so they can get their train up and roaring to fry up those beautiful churros.

facebook_655625086 facebook_-1880060645

beauties having a dip in the hot oil till golden brown to perfection. they are then rolled in cinnamon sugar mixture and drizzled with melted chocolate.

facebook_-1411570641OM*G YUM!


Saliva meleleh dok!
Oh ya, this is their menu.


I took up their main menu as it is more suitable for a wedding event and the supply of churros is UNLIMITED!

So if you are still cracking your head for a dessert table/kids’ favours for your upcoming wedding, why not engage CCChurros and kill 2 birds with one stone, or if you want something different for a dessert table? Disclaimer: Im not part of the team or am i promoting them, i am just sharing and like they all say, SHARING IS CARING rite?

and when you have decided to engage them, they will say “Thank you for choo choo choosing us!” LOL! So cheesy seh.


24 thoughts on “Kids’ Favours? Dessert Table? Checked!

  1. OMG, my colleague did recommend me this before but i was particular about churros. Takot dier keras sangat nanti tak sedap. But seeing the gambar, aiyooo, tak boleh tahan! Now I’m thinking twice. Hehe.. Anyway, nak tanye..when you compare to other dessert vendor, this churros is worth it and better?

    1. I pun belum rasa but I gambled my way in n just book la hee 😛

      Hmmm, u pass me ur email then I share with u some quotes, from dere u compare? Personally I dun quite favour the usual desserts they serve like macaroons etc etc so dats y I picked churros! 🙂

  2. Wah! if i see churros being served at a wedding pon i happy gila sehhhh.. but i think its over my budget, ergh.. okay never mind i’ll ask my bf to consider. hehe thanks dear! 🙂

    1. Urs combined ke tak? I cant recall whether u blogged abt it or not heh 😛 if combined, why not hav this kan, both will be sharing total cost anyway, but entirely up to u 🙂

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