NATAS Fair 2014


Our first time there and we went with an objective. To recce and book affordable honeymoon packages. But ended the day with nothing, except for a bag full of pamphlets and flyers, and $4 poorer. All these because we did not find deals that can suit our budget. As some of you all might know, my wedding and future home will be happening concurrently (not at the same time but more or less la) and of cos, we are tight on budget, mana nak fikirkan the remaining wedding expenses monies yet want a honeymoon that is sempurna.

We went from booth to booth (collecting more flyers and pamphlets as we went along), inclining more towards the Asian region even though tengah aiming the ever popular honeymoon spot aka Maldives. Top of our lists are Lombok, Bali or Thailand or as I call them,Β The Usual Suspects LOL!


Source: NATAS Fair 2014

Lombok was introduced and recommended by my LJ friend turned FB friend turned Friend, Mastura. Before this, I have never heard of Lombok seh. Geography phail seh. Anyways, our first stop was Wonderful Indonesia. There, Ardian inquired (since he knows and speaks Bahasa Indonesia, he’s half mat indo ma) regarding their hotels and packages and was informed that they do not offer bundle packages; flight, hotel and activities. They are more towards their accomodations. So we left…with more pamphlets and flyers which were handed to us.

Next, we stopped by a travel agency that offer bundle packages BUT did not have the activites we want in a package but we collected the flyers anyway.

We walked by a Thailand travel agency booth and stopped when we saw lovely pictures of their villas and ocean views. So we inquired. The lady talked to us in English with heavy Thai accent so I just angguk angguk and ehmm ehmm when she explained their packages. I asked her whether they offer honeymoon packages;

me: do you have honeymoon packages?
her: oh yes! we do have honeymoon packages and we will give you a dishwasher as a free gift!

HAHAHAHAHAH! I dun mean to be rude but a dishwasher? I laughed so loud that Yan told me the lady was shocked with my reaction “kurang ajar ah u ketawa kuat2. dia tgk u mesti dia think “seeyal nye budak, aku offer free gift abeh dia ketawakan aku kuat2″” HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Dishwasher siak. Usually at travel fairs I thought they would giveaway luggage or things that are associated with travelling hahahahahahah!! Kesian seh minah tu kene ketawakaan by me πŸ˜›

2014-03-03 11.04.42

He posted this on his FB page and that sums up our unfruitful day at the fair.



12 thoughts on “NATAS Fair 2014

  1. HAHAHAHA kalau I pon I LOL kat muka dia seh, dishwasher!

    Have you tried emailing the local agencies over there? They might have cheaper rates for land tours πŸ˜‰

      1. Yup! That’s what I’m doing now. Collect banyak info abeh Google satu satu see if legit ke tak. Hahaha I pong first time lah babe πŸ˜› Usually orang lain yang tolong book kan

  2. Hello! haha dishwasher thats funny! but my friend who went to NATAS didn’t find anything amazing either and she said it’s better to source out your own flights and bookings if you have the time. yikes makin pening!

    1. that was wat my fiance told me too! cos the packages are fixed and some of the activities u mite not want to do or the activity u want tak included. so mite as well plan ala carte ourselves. eh ingt makanan ke nak ala carte ala carte LOL!

  3. Hahaha…terkekek2 i baca your entry nih.Ok who wont laugh right kasi dishwasher..lol!
    Anyway, yah i also went to Natas Fair but like you say, me too went back with loads of pamplets + $4 poorer. Haha, all the promotion only until September & I wanted to go in December. All of them mcm so reluctant gitu nak serve kita bila dgr kita nak gi Dec. Ok..maybe i was so kanchong + kiasu to go recce this early πŸ™‚

    1. If washing machine, fridge or oven I boleh accept ah kan, for my future home but who the hell pakai dishwasher seh in SG? Hahahaha!
      Oh until Sep aje? We dint noe that and our wedding and honeymoon will only be happening in Oct. anyways, tak salah recce siang2, so you noe wat to expect from these fairs ma πŸ™‚

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