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When Two Become One

HAH! tgh nyanyi per? LOL!

No lah, i’m not referring to the classic Spice Girls song.

Our originally planned 2 day event is now a 1 day event. All thanks to mama’s colleague who convinced mama that hosting a 2 day event will be tiring and also very hard on her daughter’s bank account. so “thank you cik! whoever you are! god bless!”

So i was running aroundmessaging and emailing all my vendors like crazy, to inform them of the change and luckily all my sunday vendors are available on saturday. thank god! if not, we will just have to stick to 2 days. either that or if we die2 want to have a 1 day event, then we will have to source for other vendors and forgo all our deposits with sunday vendors. sapa mau layan seh!

luckily ayah agreed with the change, knowing how hard his head is. phew! yet another obstacle down.

and this itinerary will come in handy. thank you Farhana for it! 😀

nowww, what else have not been settled eh?


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