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In and Out

at yesterday’s jemputan;

aunt: *my mama’s glamour name LOL!*, you tengok, sedare dorg kecik, combined pun tak nampak macam combined.
mama: … … …
me: *ignoring*

at home;

mama: dik, you got hear wat Wak *my aunt’s name* bilang mama tadi?
me: yes, i heard. just listen la, in and out. dun think so much la.
mama: what dun think so much, of cos i must think. see, their family kecik. mama n ayah family big, plus our colleagues lagi.
me: they all just playing with your head only. InsyaAllah our bawah block can fit all la. me and yan will be here the whole day wat, they all can come anytime, no need to come all at the same time ma.
mama: *grumbling* susah la nak berbual dengan you.
me:Β e408


7 thoughts on “In and Out

  1. Insha Allah all will go well for you babe! Have faith, the idea of a combined event may be difficult for them at first, but you cannot give up if you are sure this is a right choice for you. list down pros and cons if it may help! :):)

    1. i am ok, my parents are ok, its the mulut org yg tak ok. i know they are “advising” and meant well but with a negative tinge to it? thats not nice wat, they can at least assure my parents that all will be well InsyaAllah but ni tidak, lagi nak poke2. and my mum is easily affected, suka nah dengar ckp org. when i tegur, she not happy. sighhh… …

      1. Well, we are in no control of what others might say. Im sure kalau dorang da penat, dorang diam. Dont worry babe, you can do it! πŸ™‚

  2. Hi babe! No need to worry so much on what people gonna say. Baik ke, burok ke, orang akan berbual punye. No way they will shut up. So just do whatever makes you happy. InsyaAllah, dengan pertolongan Allah it will go on smoothly.

    Btw, thank you for listing me up on your website.

    1. firstly, you’re welcome! πŸ˜€ and thanks for not thinking dat im a freak linking every BTB up LOL!

      meh, u cant stop ppl from talking wat rite, especially makciks2. haiz. wat to do, just listen in one ear and out the other lo. and yes, InsyaAllah my event will be smooth sailing πŸ™‚ oh btw, how did u get here? hee~

      1. Morning! Ish! No lah I don’t find it freaky but I like how you link up each btb base on the year of their wedding. It is very organise, I like.

        How I got here? Hehehehe. Biar lah rahsia. Hehehehehe. Nice knowing you πŸ™‚

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